Sunday, 2013-05-05

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mithrohey CarlFK01:50
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CarlFKmithro: pong01:55
mithrohey iiie, you about?01:55
mithroso what is the deal with this streaming?01:55
mithroIE do you need me to explain anything further?01:55
iiieThere was a setting about the max stream connections, do I need to change anything for a higher max, or is it higher by default now?01:56
mithroit should be 1000 by default now01:56
mithroyou can check the configuration01:56
iiieWill do, is it the general config, or something else for flumotion?01:57
mithroflumotion-config/pusher I think01:57
mithro~seen bananadine02:06
tpbmithro: bananadine was last seen in #timvideos 2 days, 11 hours, 9 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <bananadine> hey mithro, you around here?02:06
CarlFKmithro: you around for a few hours?02:17
CarlFKI want to make a sandwich, then try to hook my collecer box to dvsiwtch and ec202:17
CarlFKbb in 10ish02:17
mithro10ish minutes or at what ever 10pm is your time?02:17
iiie21:18 carl's time right now, my guess is ~ 40 minutes02:19
mithrofair enough02:20
CarlFKheh - both about the same02:29
CarlFKok, I have dvswitch running and the collector box.. um.. it is on.04:02
mithroCarlFK, so what is the configuration on the collector box?04:03
CarlFKinstalled ubuntu and ran  streaming-system/tools/setup/runall.sh04:04
mithroCarlFK, okay you need a configuration file04:04
CarlFK$ touch config.ini04:06
CarlFKdone :)04:06
mithroyou need a flumotion configuration file04:06
mithrowhich tells flumotion how to collect the data and where to send it04:07
CarlFKis there a sample, or one left over from pycon?04:07
mithrotemplates can be found in04:07
tpb<$> (at
mithro <-- for the collector.xml04:07
tpb<> (at
mithrowith just an individual machine you can fill it out manually04:08
mithrobut if you have like 5 streams, then use the pusher to actually generate the configuration automatically from the config.json values04:08
mithromake sense?04:10
CarlFKyes, but not really sure what to do.04:11
CarlFKI am editing collector.xml04:11
mithroFlumotion has two configuration files04:12
CarlFK      <property name="uri">dvswitch://%(flumotion-mixer)s:2000</property>04:12
mithrothe file you are currently editing is the "planet.xml" one04:12
mithroso once you have it right you need to put it at that location on the collector04:13
CarlFKdoes take command line params and fill in the %(foo)s tokens?04:16
mithroit reads from your config.json and fills in the %(foo)s tokens04:16
mithrothen calls scp to copy them to the machines04:16
mithroCarlFK, making any progress04:30
CarlFKmithro: what reads config.json ?04:36
CarlFK47:    public_config = myloc+'/config.json'04:36
mithroyes config.py04:38
mithroit merges both config.json and config.private.json04:38
CarlFKcp streaming-system/tools/flumotion-config/pusher/collector.xml /usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml04:45
mithroyou'll also need to update the worker configuration if you changed the username/password04:47
mithroCarlFK, any luck?04:55
mithroyou need to restart flumotion after the configuration changes04:55
tpbTitle: PiratePad: C28HTTdqSt (at
CarlFKflumotion-mixer  is the only one I can figure out04:58
mithroflumotion-user/password is just a username and password needed to secure the encoder/collector04:59
mithroflumotion-encoder is the IP address of the ec2 encoding machine05:00
mithroflumotion-password-crypt is the password run through the crypt command05:00
mithroanything I missed?05:00
CarlFKwhat uses the user/pw?05:05
CarlFKdoes something else need to know that user/pw?05:06
mithroyes the register and watchdog commands both use that password05:09
CarlFKsudo apt-get install apache2-utils  - need that somewhere05:11
CarlFKdo I want htpasswd -d  Force CRYPT encryption of the password. ?05:14
mithroCarlFK, the pusher would normally generate that for you if you where not doing it by hand05:14
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mithrohello yocto05:31
mithrodo you have any questions?05:38
mithroCarlFK, any luck?05:39
CarlFKmithro whats the ip/url of my ec2 machine ?:)05:41
mithroyou'd have to check it changes everytime the machine restarts05:42
CarlFKoh boy...05:42
mithroI probably turned them off to save you money05:43
mithroso they are likely not running05:43
yoctomithro, give me more opinion about my proposal?05:46
mithroyocto, couple of things05:59
mithroyour timeline needs more work05:59
mithroThis means you should be saying "I will show that XYZ", where XYZ is something you can specifically demonstrate to your mentor and not something like "everything works".05:59
yoctolist them all.05:59
yoctoI modified my timeline, I will improve it.06:01
mithroCan you provide some example API06:02
mithroThis API would be useful for doing testing of the gst-switch server06:02
mithrocan you explain how it might be used06:02
yoctoexample API? just interface, not include internal implement?06:03
yoctoOK. I see. If there is no accident, I will add it before tomorrow night.06:08
mithrothat is probably enough for now06:08
yoctoadd example API to where? proposal?06:09
yoctoOK, Thanks.06:10
CarlFKmithro: I am in my ec2 console... i see lots of instances from pycon - only www is running06:32
mithroyeah, I think I shut the remaining down so they didn't cost you money06:32
CarlFKguessing I want to turn on logs, www, preview, and a room, like mission ?06:33
mithroyou don't need logs or preview right away06:34
mithrobut if you want the full system running, yes you'll need to turn on logs and preview too06:35
mithro(logs does the IRC logs)06:35
mithro(preview does the little preview images on the front page)06:35
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rihenHello mithro06:52
CarlFK  EC2 Instance:          mission (i-b59966c7)   - running, initializing06:52
CarlFKwhere do I find it's hostname?06:53
rihenHi CarlFK :)06:53
CarlFKhi rihen06:53
CarlFKahh, "public dns"06:53
rihenmithro you there ?06:54
mithroyes, but kinda busy06:55
CarlFK      <property name="host"></property>06:56
CarlFK<property name="username">  whats my user name?06:56
mithroin flumotion config?06:56
rihenmithro can raise any views on my proposal here
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, what ever you sent in the config?06:57
CarlFKnothing yet06:58
mithrowhat do you mean?06:58
CarlFKer.. I thought this was the user/pw needed to connect to ec206:59
mithrothe username/password in flumotion is unrelated to the user/pass needed to connect to ec207:00
CarlFK/usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml  I think that is ready07:01
mithrofor the collector or the encoder?07:01
CarlFKthat is on the collector box07:01
mithroso the encoder also has a planet.xml07:02
mithrowhich is different obviously07:02
CarlFKdoes it need to be changed from pycon to get somehing going now?07:04
mithrodepends if you changed the username/password or just reused the one from pycon07:04
CarlFKall I did was start mission07:06
CarlFKso same user/pw, right ?07:06
mithroso the username/password on the collector has to be the one of the encoder07:07
mithrobecause this all goes over the public internet you can't just have a free for all like dv-switch does07:07
CarlFKdo  I have the user/pw somewhere?07:09
mithroI'm sure iiie does07:09
iiieone second07:10
CarlFKbrb, need to grab a snack07:10
mithrolooks like I deleted my copy stupidly07:10
iiieno worries, it'll take me a minute07:10
rihenmithro tommorow slot request day (GSoC 2013),so I wanted to ask who will mentor my project ?07:13
iiieCarlFK, PMed you the user / pass on the ec2 that you linked07:18
CarlFKgot em07:19
mithroiiie, the ssh or flumotion password?07:19
iiieI've a key for ssh07:20
iiieI can download the planet.xml and email it out, or I can add you to authorized keys (given a key)07:22
* iiie has access, but not a password07:23
rihenrihen: brb07:25
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mithrohi hyades07:26
rihnapstormithro:  my gsoc proposal here
tpb<> (at
mithrorihnapstor, yes i know07:27
rihnapstormithro:  ok :)07:28
mithrowe have been reviewing all the applications07:28
hyadeshi mithro07:30
shenkimithro: have you come across this hardware?
tpbTitle: Milkymist Labs (at
mithroshenki, nope!07:38
shenkimithro: it uses a spartan6, the little board they have for programming it might be interesting for us07:39
mithroshenki, yeah, we use a "better" version of the same chip07:44
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CarlFKmithro: assuming I have all the configs setup..   how do I restart flumotion ?08:39
mithrosudo /etc/init.d/flumotion restart08:42
iiiesudo service flumotion restart08:44
* iiie likes service08:44
CarlFK * Restarting Flumotion Streaming Server flumotion                       [fail]08:47
mithroI have two guesses08:47
mithro1) you didn't update the worker config08:48
mithro2) something else went wrong :P08:48
CarlFKworker config ?08:48
iiiemanager and worker, they make a difference then08:49
mithrologs will be at08:50
mithroflumotion was built with the idea that a manager could control multiple worker computers08:51
mithrothese days all manager and workers just end up on the same machine08:51
iiiehm, okay I'll check mission08:51
iiieokay, the encoder probably didn't start (service)08:53
tpbTitle: Snippet #226554 (at
CarlFKAttributeError: 'EPollReactor' object has no attribute 'listenWith'08:53
CarlFKsudo service flumotion restart ...  same error08:55
mithrowhere did you install flumotion from?08:55
iiieCarlFK, what mithro was saying is that there is a worker config, that is separate from the manager config; the paths I've given were for the manager apparently08:55
mithroand what version of linux are you running?08:56
CarlFKLinux cnt3 3.8.0-19-generic #29-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 17 18:16:28 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_6408:56
mithroCarlFK, I mean distro version08:56
iiiecat /etc/issue08:57
mithrowell, I've never tested flumotion under rarring08:57
mithroand it looks like flumotion doesn't run under it08:57
mithroit's probably fixed in a later version of flumotion then the one in my repository08:59
CarlFKk, ill install quantl08:59
mithro(that is dieing in twisted)08:59
mithroI'm using precise08:59
mithroLTS FTW08:59
CarlFKprecice it is09:00
mithrowith an LTS you only have to upgrade every ~2-3 years09:00
mithrorather then every 6 months09:00
CarlFKscp  [email protected]:/usr/local/etc/flumotion/managers/default/planet.xml ...  installing precise now09:05
mithroI think I'm going to head home and get some dinner09:09
mithrobe back in 2009:09
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CarlFKI am going to sleep09:19
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mithro-I'm back09:32
mithro-CarlFK, any luck?09:32
iiiemithro-, CarlFK said he's going to sleep09:33
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mithro-fair enough09:46
mithro-He should turn off power to the EC2 instance so it doesn't charge him over night09:47
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CarlFKim awake14:27
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CarlFKI am off for a while.  Later I will have a few hours to work on setting up streaming16:13
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CarlFKim back23:28
iiieWelcome back CarlFK23:44
iiieI'm still less than 200 feet from the Pacific23:45
CarlFKI just bough an Eron? chair :p23:46
CarlFKbut alas, I don't have a desk .. so the chair is over there, and I am still here on the couch23:46
iiieI seem to remember that being a good thing23:46
iiieI need to get a different desk and a reasonable chair for home.  I have a card table for a desk and hard used office chair.  I should prompt my family to keep an eye out.23:49
iiieWell chair-wise, desk-wise I want a pre-made desktop, but I might build the legs, shelves and cubbies / drawers23:51
iiieDid the collector start working?23:51
CarlFKI nuked it :)23:53
CarlFKrebuilding now...23:54
CarlFKI think the only file I messed with is planet.xml - I copied it so I can put it back in a jiffy23:55
CarlFKsudo make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil23:59
CarlFKwhat does that do?23:59

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