Saturday, 2013-05-04

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CarlFKmithro - looks like I will be streaming a node conf in about 3 weeks02:30
mithro-CarlFK, "attempting to stream"?02:30
CarlFK  "BTW: Talks will be streamed/recorded!"02:39
tpbTitle: NodePDX - An independent conference focused on JavaScript, held yearly in Portland, Oregon (at
CarlFKI haven't actually committed to it02:40
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rihnapstorCarlFK: mithro  hi :)15:30
CarlFKrihnapstor: hello15:34
aps-sidshey CarlFK, are you a mentor?16:00
CarlFKaps-sids: no16:01
CarlFKmithro and I do lots of video things together, so I know a bit about what's going on16:01
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rihnapstorCarlFK:  who will mentor my project on automatic bug reporter ? do you have any idea about it  ?16:10
CarlFKdon't know16:12
rihnapstorThen whom shall I talk to about it ?16:13
rihnapstormithro:  probably ?16:13
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CarlFKmithro for sure16:18
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rihnapstorok thanks CarlFK16:22
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