Friday, 2013-05-03

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rihnapstormorning mithro04:45
rihnapstorHello mithro04:49
* rihnapstor preparing gsoc proposal04:49
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Sewarmithro, does the format of the proposal makes a difference? the WYSIWYG editor makes horrible html05:58
mithroSewar, it should be readable05:58
mithroI recommend using Markdown syntax05:58
mithroor link to a PDF/GoogleDoc which is better formatted05:58
mithroI agreed that the WYIWYG editor is painful05:59
rihnapstorhello mithro05:59
mithrohi rihnapstor06:00
mithroput your proposal in?06:00
rihnapstormithro:not yet finished, but will soon make ot on the web within 6 hours of time06:01
rihnapstormithro: my question is that should I make a backend(dashboard) for bug repoter system or just email out the bug reports to admins?06:02
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rihnapstorHello CarlFK06:03
mithrobackend(dashboard) for bug repoter system06:03
rihnapstorok  cool :)06:03
rihnapstormithro: are you available most of the time today ? if not then where can I provide you with the link to my proposal06:04
mithroI'll be around for about 4 more hours06:11
rihnapstormithro: ok and where can i post a link to my proposal so that you can review it later ?06:13
mithroput it the GSoC system06:15
rihnapstorok thanks06:15
mithrowe can respond with comments06:15
mithrois anyone here yocto?06:29
rihnapstormithro: whats yocto?06:31
mithroa username06:31
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yoctohi,I'm yocto. This my first time to chat using happy to join this team.12:57
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yoctoHi, I am applying for GSoC for gst-switch, please help me and give me some comments.Thank you!13:27
tpb<> (at
yoctothis's short link just link to my proposal??13:29
yoctonobody give some useful reply? thank you all the same. I go back to dormitory,bye!13:57
rihnapstoryocto: hi I am too a gsoc student mentor are away for a while13:57
* rihnapstor brb13:59
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yoctooh, thank you.13:59
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CarlFKhi yocto14:14
yoctohi CarlFK14:14
CarlFKmithro is the person you want to talk to.  see the /topic for when he is around14:17
CarlFKI am in an out.  making breakfast right now.  /me hungry :)14:18
yoctoI am going to sleep, that's fantastic means of communication. I have never experience before.14:20
yoctogo to make breakfast now, thank you for reminding.bye!14:21
Sewarenjoy your breakfast CarlFK14:24
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Juggerrmithro are you here?16:43
rihen_mithro: is asleep I think16:43
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rihen_25 minutes to go guys18:35
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rihen_tada deadline crossed19:02
SewarGood luck all :D19:04
rihen_Sewar: which project you applied for ?19:04
tpb<> (at
rihen_mobile theme ?19:05
rihen_then ?19:06
SewarCreate EDID database website + scripts for EDID information recorded by HDMI2USB device19:06
rihen_ok cool19:06
rihen_I applied for auto bug report19:06
Sewarsounds cool, good luck19:07
rihen_where are you from ?19:07
SewarSaudi Arabia, studying in USA19:07
Sewarindia, right?19:09
aps-sidshi Sewar, I'm from India.19:12
aps-sidsrihen_, where are you from?19:12
rihen_aps-sids:  pappe!! :D ham India se hai bale bale19:20
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