Wednesday, 2013-05-01

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Sewarmithro, good morning02:07
mithrohey Sewar02:07
mithroSaw your proposal02:07
mithrostill catching up with email in the morning02:07
SewarLooking forward to your notes ;)02:07
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mithro~seen iiie02:48
tpbmithro: iiie was last seen in #timvideos 2 days, 6 hours, 32 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <iiie> (sorry for the late novel)02:48
SewarCan I discuss some of the notes here? or in the comments section?03:13
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mithroSewar, either is fine03:20
SewarI will be using Django as you pointed in the Github ticket, especially since you already have another Django website running.03:21
SewarFlask is very similar to Django, it contain the basics only and leaves the rest to extensions, where Django is all-in-one package.03:21
mithroSewar, yeap03:36
mithroSewar, we know that, but you need to show that you know that :)03:36
SewarI will include that in the proposal03:37
Sewar"How are you going to deal with problems like spam and/or people uploading random data to the website?"03:57
SewarDue to the website nature, I think spamming will be very small problem, if any.03:57
SewarAs for uploading parts, faking EDID file is not easy. And who will bother making fake EDID file just to ruin a small website?03:57
SewarNone of the fields support hyperlinks so link spammers are not interested.03:57
SewarEDID file size range from 128-byte to 32-kilobyte (with 254 extension blocks), the webserver should have upload file size limit.03:57
SewarAs for editing entries, since the website allows everybody to edit everything, like a wiki, it makes sense to keep revisions, just like a wiki.03:57
SewarThe website will require registration and support OpenID and OAuth.03:57
SewarThat's too much for irc :o03:57
mithrosorry - reviewing other applications :)04:16
mithroSewar, anything not in your application is probably not going to be considered04:16
mithroso make sure you put all the above into it04:16
Sewaryeah, just making sure I'm on the right track04:16
mithroyes definately04:18
mithroSewar, I think having a way to download the complete database would be good too04:18
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* Sewar adds that to the list04:19
mithrookay, everyone should have feedback now.04:59
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rihnapstorHello mithro :) tim_video instance got running on my localhost.05:03
mithrorihnapstor, great!05:06
rihnapstorit looks like this
tpbTitle: View image: Screenshot from 2013 05 01 10 36 48 (at
mithrorihnapstor, that is without any video streams registered05:08
rihnapstormithro: wat should I do next here ?05:10
rihnapstoroh ,so we need to register a fake encoder machine.05:18
mithrothat is what the fake_register command oes05:31
rihnapstormithro: documentation updated nicely thanks!05:32
rihnapstorso for website development we need to integrate chat box into it ?05:33
mithrowhat do you mean?05:34
rihnapstormithro: the streaming System diag. Web chat is shown as part of the project. so I was askig where will it fir into the environment ?05:37
mithrothe webchat is hosted by freenode05:37
mithroyou don't need to setup the irc logs to get it working - they will just appear as blank space05:37
rihnapstoryeah. so each component acts as a plugin05:43
rihnapstorbut then what software developemnt needs to be done under gsoc this summer ?05:44
mithrolook at the issue lists05:55
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rihnapstorahh I think the tool provides a unified view of error messages sent from any number of applications, allowing the developer to search  and explore the bug reports submitted by the applications.06:21
rihnapstoris that project all about this ?06:21
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rihen_Hello mithro ,you there ?06:24
mithrorihen_, yes I am06:24
mithrofor another hour or so06:24
rihen_can you question my previous questions please ?06:25
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mithrorihen_, yes a tool which provides a unified view of error messages sent from the TimVideo website would be a good project06:28
mithroyou'll probably want to write the part which sends the video too06:28
mithros/video/bug reports/06:29
rihen_mithro:I didn;t understand you ? can you exaplain me again ?06:32
mithroyou'll probably want to write the part which sends the bug reports too06:32
rihen_ok,I see and do you also suggest to make bug reports delivered by other means like command lines,emails ?06:34
CarlFKrihen_: you may want to list the use cases for such things.  "joe is trying to watch a video on his phone, nothing displays06:38
CarlFKso he clicks the "send bug report" button06:38
CarlFKfills out some info, hits send."06:38
rihen_CarlFK: is it also possible to log js errors at client side and then send then to server ?06:39
CarlFKit depends ;)06:40
rihen_or its possible to upload a doc which contains bug trash may be.06:40
rihen_CarlFK: can I just start preparing gsoc proposal and then include use cases into it ?06:42
CarlFKalso, not sure "js errors" are what you should be worrying about.. but a) I am not sure what you mean by error, and b) I don't do much js06:42
CarlFKyes, do that06:43
rihen_CarlFK: do what ?06:43
CarlFK"preparing gsoc proposal and then include use cases into it "06:43
CarlFKdescribing what the user will do, in terms of "here is the problem, here is what they do about it."06:44
rihen_btw, CarlFK  i am rihanpstor and rihen_  is my 2nd choice nick name on irc.06:44
* rihen_ brb07:25
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harpreetI realize I am pretty late here but I am really interested in a video streaming project for the summers11:34
harpreetI am also very experienced in Python and pretty much all web development languages11:35
harpreetmithro: Could you please advise me regarding how to get started with the 'Streaming Support' or 'Streaming Website' projects?11:38
harpreetand what are the required 'functionalities that need to be added'/'bugs to be removed' to the streaming system during the summer?11:42
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harpreetHi, I realize I am pretty late here, but my exams just got over and I wanted a programming project over the summers.16:57
CarlFKharpreet: I think Friday is the deadline to get an application in.16:58
harpreetwell yes, but I have boundless coffee and enthusiasm at my disposal :)16:59
harpreetI was interested in the 'mobile theme' or 'bug reporting' or 'Porting flumotion' projects16:59
harpreetI have extensive web development experience in almost all languages and I use Python for nearly all my personal projects17:02
tpbTitle: Summer of Code supports Open Hardware projects, get paid to hack hardware. Deadline Friday! : opensourcehardware (at
CarlFKmithro should be around in 4 or so hours.  you want to talk to him17:05
harpreetAll right, thanks.17:05
CarlFKtill then, follow the links, find the gsoc application process so you know what needs to be done in the next day or 217:05
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