Monday, 2013-04-29

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mithroaps, yes, I also added some more comments00:02
apsumm, when did you see it last time? Actually, I updated it about 15 hours back.00:03
mithrookay, let me look again00:06
mithroaps, can you link me the document again?00:21
tpb<> (at
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CarlFKmithro  pong00:37
mithroI commented on you pull request00:42
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mithroaps, I seem to be unable to access that document any more, it just pops up with errors :(00:43
CarlFKmithro: pushed .. do I need to make a new pull request?00:44
mithroone part which I think is missing, is the "how does the site admin see stuff"00:44
mithroCarlFK, should need too00:45
CarlFKmithro shoujld or 'nt ?00:46
apsmithro, okay, I'll add info about that. Anything else that I need to do?00:46
mithro---> I seem to be unable to access that document any more00:46
mithroaps, I've logged a bug - but it might be best to submit your proposal via the gsoc website and I can comment on it there00:47
apsokay sure.00:48
SewarAbout EDID DB website, who have permission to edit the data? Everybody or just the uploader (and admins ...)?00:57
mithroSewar, anyone00:57
CarlFKmithro: oh, just noticed lots of comments.  only the top one was on my screen.. fixing00:58
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CarlFKmithro the || true is to keep the -e from stopping right ?01:09
mithroCarlFK, to show that it doesn't matter if this fails01:09
CarlFKwhat is the difference between apt-get and aptitude ?01:11
mithroaptitude uses apt-get01:19
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CarlFKmithro  "Will this work if the $CWD is the top level?" - no.  do you want it to?01:27
mithromaybe just commend what the CWD needs to be at the top of the file?01:28
CarlFKit need to be next to flumotion ;)01:29
CarlFKwhich is more true than the absolute path to setup/  because if flumotion gets moved, then this will break01:30
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CarlFKmithro all comments addressed and pushed.  I am off to the store for 30 min or so.01:35
mithro-CarlFK, okay cool01:36
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CarlFKmithro - now I need something similar to hook it up to dvswitch and the ec2 timvidoes server02:22
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mithrothe configuration pusher is probably what you are after02:32
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apsmithro, can you suggest me how can I demonstrate my progress? I will be pushing code to online repo though.03:54
mithroaps, there is something at the end which works03:54
mithroYou can write lots of code and not have something which works03:55
mithroso you need to think about what you could demonstrate at the end of the week03:55
mithroaps, think like you have to give a presentation at the end of each week03:56
mithroto people who don't code03:56
mithrowhat would you output look like?03:56
apsSo, should I host the webpage somewhere? and I can provide a writeup about what all works in that page and anyone can try it there. Will that do?03:58
mithroaps, at the end of each week there should be a sentence which says something like "At the end of this week I will be able to  --> submit a users bug report and it will include XYZ"04:00
mithro"Allow an administrator to group similar bug reports together"04:01
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mithro-heyo people10:06
mithro-anyone need help today?10:06
CarlFKmithro - where / what is the config pusher?12:18
mithro-it's a thing which generates flumotion configurations from a template and then scps them to a computer for you12:18
mithro-see the flumotion-config directory12:21
mithro-it's probably not useful if you only have 1 stream12:21
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bananadinehello mithro you here? :)17:35
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