Saturday, 2013-04-27

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CarlFKmithro: doc bug:   make: *** No rule to make target `test', needed by `all'.  Stop.00:37
tpb<> (at
CarlFKwant me to log an issue?00:37
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mithro-morning people05:27
Sewarhi mithro-05:57
mithro-can I help anyone?05:57
SewarWhat set of data should be supported in EDID parser?05:57
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mithro-Sewar, any data you can get06:31
CarlFK    is just exit 006:33
tpb<> (at
CarlFKmithro is any of the ppa stuff needed?06:33
mithro-CarlFK, not under precise06:33
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CarlFKmithro  why is this in apt-cache policy gstreamer-tools06:37
mithro-CarlFK, to make sure your getting the gstreamer-tools from where you think you are06:38
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CarlFKmithro: "Configure an SSL Certificate.... Please enter the host name to use in the SSL certificate. ..."  Host name: localhost07:12
mithro-yes that fine07:12
CarlFKany idea how to keep that dialog from coming up?07:12
mithro-I think it's something to do with dpkg-configure?07:19
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rihnapstorHello mithro :) CarlFK  rihnapstor back here !!10:15
rihnapstoralmost after 3 days10:15
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rihnapstormithro: ?10:44
mithro-can I help you?10:44
rihnapstormithro: good evening ,hey I cannot get remote interface running10:56
rihnapstorI mean the streaming system website10:56
mithro-where are you stuck?10:57
rihnapstormithro: at first pip failed to download distribute package,ez-setup dependecies. therefore I tweak the "Makefile" command and replace pip with easy install10:58
rihnapstorthen the dependencies got downloaded10:58
rihnapstorbut then "third party directory "  is not created10:59
rihnapstorso "it doesn't run cd third party && make" command11:00
mithro-can you paste the output somewhere?11:00
rihnapstorok will paste the traceback in a minute11:02
rihnapstormithro: does it run at your instance ?11:03
mithro-I havnt run from a fresh checkout recently but aps was able to get it running11:03
rihnapstorand yeah mithro its 27th  and 6 more days to go .so can I still succesfully submit my proposal ?11:04
rihnapstormithro:  ok here
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1075476 (at
rihnapstorserver starts but django throws out saying that module ordereddict is not recognized.11:07
rihnapstorposting the django traceback also11:07
mithro-so which part isn't working?11:07
mithro-pip is needed to install the requirements11:08
mithro-pip install -r requirements.txt11:09
mithro-that is missing from your output11:10
rihnapstormithro:  django traceback here
tpbTitle: View image: Screenshot from 2013 04 27 16 38 58 (at
rihnapstorok I will run the command manually11:10
mithro-I think your best bet is to checkout a fresh repository and try again11:11
rihnapstorok cool,will just do that11:11
rihnapstormithro: what is your view from my given output ?11:12
rihnapstorI mean apart from requirements.txt11:12
mithro-You change to easy install means the dependencies where not installed11:13
rihnapstoris it ok ?I did that because the dependencies were failing to install.11:16
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rihen_mithro:  it fails to downlaod django 1.5 using pip tracback here
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1075485 (at
rihen_but I have it installed11:24
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CarlFKmithro:  added and tweaked the scrips so they  would run12:27
tpb<> (at
rihen_hi CarlFK12:27
CarlFKhow do I do a pull request12:27
CarlFKhi rihen_12:28
rihen_CarlFK: btw I am rihnapstor12:28
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rihen_mithro: when downlaoding django-live-server from requirements.txt why does it download django version 1.3.4      ?12:35
jessyi was looking if some one could guide me with GSOC12:37
CarlFKjessy: best to just ask12:41
rihen_mithro:  last lines traceback on running 'python runserver'13:10
rihen_it doesn't find config_pricate.json13:10
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1075569 (at
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CarlFKrihen_: to work around this: echo {} > config.private.json13:21
CarlFKit should really have {         "config": {                 "secret":  ...    but not sure the details.  for sure it should be addressed if used in production13:23
rihen_CarlFK:  development version got running.but  I didn't understand what 'config.private.json' is ?13:25
CarlFKrihen_: it is where you would put secrets.  config.json gets checked into a repository where people can see it, you don't want passwords in there13:27
rihen_i see ..13:31
rihen_Thanks CarlFK13:32
* rihen_ brb13:34
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