Friday, 2013-04-26

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mithroanyone in here need any help?04:32
apsyes mithro04:32
mithroSewar, You wanted to know about the EDID website?04:32
mithroaps, how can I help?04:32
Sewaryes mithro04:33
SewarI'm working on EDID parser now04:33
apsI'm planning to use for JavaScript errors logging. Will this be fine?04:33
tpbTitle: jsErrLog :: Javascript Error Logging and Reporting Tool (at
mithroaps, we'd probably want to run our own copy04:34
apsYes, that would be needed. But do we host on appengine itself or timvideos server?04:35
mithropreferrable to host on timvideo's servers04:35
mithroas well it needs a better UI to look at the information04:35
introommithro how do you select gsoc proposals. I see on your website that timvideo has a lot of sub-projects and each sub-project can have proposals. however I guess the slots google give you won't be many.04:47
introommithro does sub-project has priority04:47
introomto confess, my plan is to successfully participate in gsoc and write code in the summer04:48
mithrointroom, we do have a priority order - but a great proposal for a less important task will beat a bad proposal for an important task04:49
introomand unlike twisted which already provides some ideas, timvideos requires participants to propose their own proposal?04:50
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mithrointroom, I'll tell you a secret, the best proposal always come from participants who wrote their own04:51
mithrointroom, we have lists of ideas04:52
mithrointroom, and here to guide you04:52
mithrointroom, being excited about something shows in the proposal04:53
apsmithro, and regarding a test of user's bandwidth, I was thinking of writing python code that first downloads a file and then uploads it back, hence measures speed. Can you suggest something better? or if you think this is not needed?04:58
mithrohow reliable do you think that'll be?04:59
apsthat's what I'm not sure about. We can ask users to test speed on but it would be a manual thing then05:00
mithroyeah and the speed to speed-test might not represent the speed to our streaming servers05:01
mithromanual steps are bad05:01
CarlFKmithro -  iiie and I may try to stream an event in 3 weeks05:06
mithroCarlFK, well there is now some documentation05:06
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
apsmithro, JWplayer doesn't seem to have a built-in speed test. So, what do you suggest?05:07
mithroaps, what do you mean?05:08
mithrocan you read information out of jwplayer which might have those details?05:08
apsI googled and looked through jwplayer documentation as well. I couldn't find anything that might help.05:09
introommithro would you hint me on the priority?05:09
apsmithro, There's an api that helps in other things like turning hd off or changing to flash player etc. but not about speed test.05:10
mithrointroom, hot items are important05:10
mithroHardware projects are probably more important05:10
mithrointroom, there is no hard and fast rule05:10
mithrointroom, it is a subjective ranking based on how good your proposal is05:14
CarlFKmithro - somewhere I saw some docs for setting up streaming ... at least I think I did05:14
mithrothere is doco on how to deploy the website side05:15
mithroCarlFK, this one -> ?05:21
tpb<> (at
CarlFKyeah , that05:29
CarlFKI hear the git command needs auth.  guessing you want the http one there05:29
CarlFK# git clone [email protected]:timvideos/streaming-system.git05:29
mithrothat uses ssh05:29
mithrowhich is the preferred method05:29
mithrobut I'd just skip that05:29
mithroand use the currently running system at timvideos.us05:30
mithrothe hard part is the setup of flumotion05:31
mithroCarlFK, I'd really like to get you streaming an event05:43
mithrohow can we get that happening?05:43
introommithro: is there any example website of streaming -system, so I can know it in general05:47
CarlFKmithro - some sort of setup script or at least check list for how to setup the collector05:48
mithrointroom, what do you mean? There are no currently active streams but you can start up a local instance as aps has already done05:48
mithrosetup - Set up a server with the timvideo tools. Really needs to be replaced with proper configuration management such as puppet or chef.05:48
tpb<> (at
introomI see only one hot item about porting to gstream 1.005:49
introomam I right?05:50
introomalso usb support….05:51
CarlFKmithro are you aware of apt-add-repository ?  i use it, but not sure it it will do what add-multiverse does05:53
mithroCarlFK, yeah, doesn't do multiverse stuff05:54
CarlFK  Examples:05:55
CarlFK    apt-add-repository multiverse05:55
CarlFKI wonder what that does :)05:55
mithrointroom, yes - they are our two "top" projects05:55
mithronobody has said they where interested in the #505:56
introomthis needs hardware support?05:57
mithrothat is a hardware+firmware project05:57
mithroso we'll figure out how to get you an Atlys board to work with05:57
introomshould have a fpga board05:57
tpb<> (at
mithroCarlFK, patches welcome!06:02
mithroall that should be rewritten in puppet or something06:03
mithroinfact your whole laptop setup workflow should probably be done in something like puppet06:04
CarlFKmithro puppet sounds like an extra step :)06:05
CarlFKbut I have pondered something like that.    but but, sounds like lots of r&d work, not sure how much it would gain06:06
CarlFK# Remove the ppa files as they cause problems for puppet.06:09
introommithro I've launched locally. So basically, the frontend shows video and tweets plus a irc chat room06:09
mithroCarlFK, that is a "google ism"06:16
introomI got an idea06:17
introomthe website should be reponsive designed. say the page When the view-device has, say, 500px in width, the video player and the irc chat room should get stacked instead of line horizontally06:20
introomas more and more people will use tablets or big-screen cell phones. I think reponsive website is pretty needed06:21
CarlFKmithro - off to bed soon.  in the next day or 2 I'll try running those scripts and see what happens06:23
introomthe frontend use a swf player, guess it's hard to use on tablets06:31
introommithro: how is the common code the website will receive?06:32
mithrointroom, the frontend only uses a swf player when HTML5 isn't supported06:32
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introommithro: pardon me, the av?template=group actually renders group.html with locals, but I coundn't see the file option, which sets the uri of media,  in the group.html07:02
introommithro: what's the real address the jwplayer will play on?07:03
introommithro: set up stream.js?07:05
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iiieintroom: iirc yes it's set in stream.js, which in turn gets info from registered encoders07:10
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introomgot it.07:15
introomso, there is no compression part. basically, the viewer get the video stream_xxxx directly from the encoder07:15
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iiieright, light encoding on the collector (on site) -> encoder (out in the ether -- has been an instance "in the cloud") -> web browsers (and any streaming service you choose to bounce through as a backup)07:19
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iiiethe encoder does generate different kinds of streams, I don't remember what all, but a few are for tables/phones, flash, and something that html5 video tags can handle07:20
introomguess would be h.26407:21
iiiethat sounds right07:21
introomhow is the current situtaion on table/phones?07:21
introomdid you guys do any research /statistics during the broadcast of pycon 201307:22
iiiethere should be statistics for count, but I don't know that it was even divided by user agent / capabilities / what format stream was consumed.  That might be a good bit for a proposal (some sort of stat gathering)07:24
introomI have seen some tickets on the streaming-system, these include changes like porting django FBV to CBVs and I am also intersted in porting the website to be responsive. Seems like the website is not reponsive now.07:27
introomFor tablets have a large screen resolution, this may not weigh much. However, when it comes to ordinary mobile users, this really meant.07:27
introomSo my initial propsoal is to do an enhancement of the above issues.07:28
introomthis includes: django changes(stuff like migration to CBV, etc) with django template changes(make the website responsive)07:29
introomiiie mithro wiling to hear your comment07:31
mithro-WebM and H26407:35
mithro-in both low and high quality formats07:36
mithro-majority of the users where Chrome07:36
introommithro-:  you back.07:36
mithro-I'll be in an out for the next 2-3 hours07:37
introommithro-: so that I can assert ipad users feel awkward...07:37
mithro-we don't do iPad/iPod streams yet07:37
mithro-that requires the fragmented stuff and jwplayer 6.007:38
mithro-jwplayer 6.0 is almost done - you can see the progress in the branch07:38
introommithro-: branch? Isn't jwp delveoped by a 3rd party?07:39
mithro-the conversion to using jwplayer 6.0 is almost done07:40
iiieintroom: I'd describe a bit more.  The django views change is a modernization task.  I like the idea of a broader audience (making the site work / work better on phones and tablets; in lieu of streaming there is discussion / info on the pages).  Full disclosure, I can yell at mithro, but lack decision making authority. ;)07:40
iiiebut it needed upgrading locally (what worked with the earlier version didn't work in 6)07:40
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introomiiie:seems like 5 doesn't support html5 well and btw you are using a paid version of jwp?07:44
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introomiiie: ps, would you show me the discussion/info pages?07:48
iiieI think we went from 5.4 to 5.6 to 5.8 very quickly.  I don't think the paid version was used.  discussion/info pages for jwplayer?07:51
introomiiie: yep07:53
introomiiie: I saw "Apple HTTP Live Streaming in Flash mode" on the longtailvedio website. What's the Flash mode? I am confused about it07:54
iiieIt can run as swf for fallback if html5 video doesn't work, we can also force it with the configuration (on the page)07:56
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
introomiiie: rtmp is only supported by flash07:57
iiie (you saw this certainly)07:57
tpb<> (at
iiiethat makes sense, the only option other than flash would be a plugin07:58
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introomiiie: plugin?07:59
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introomiiie: to run on ios, we need hls protocol which is not avialable in free version08:00
mithro-introom, correct08:01
iiieEvery edition of JW Player 6 supports HLS for iPad/iPhone in HTML5 mode. Additionally, the Premium and Ads editions support HLS for desktop browsers in Flash mode.08:01
tpb<> (at
iiieAs I read that they say it'll work on ipad/phone even for the free one08:02
iiieah, but we'd need to get a stream from a particular kind of server "in practice"...08:03
introomiiie: yep.:-) do you know any simimilar project like timvideo, curious about their solution08:06
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iiietimvideos is the closest I've come to looking at the innards of video encoding. No I don't know about similar projects for live streaming.08:10
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iiiealright, that's it for me (UTC -7; ~01:15)08:12
introomiiie: see you08:13
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apsmithro, does timvideos currently use "Adaptive stream"?
tpb<> (at
CarlFK"Note that Apple HLS streaming is only available in the Premium and Ads editions of JW6"23:49
apsIt seems that this does not work on every browser. Nevermind.23:52

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