Sunday, 2013-04-21

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hyadesany idea when mithro will be back?06:53
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mithro-howdy people11:59
hyadeswanted to work with timvideos as part of gsoc. Was looking at the projects gst-switch, flumotion and streaming server. I went through the source codes of these and felt that I could contribute to them.12:04
hyadesCan u guide me over getting the sources into gst-switch. CarlFK guided me on DVSwitch.12:05
mithro-hyades, not sure what you mean?13:01
mithro-you mean getting gst-switch up and running in demo mode?13:01
mithro-$ make show-tests13:02
mithro-Available tests:13:02
mithro-test-video test-audio test-fuzz test-controller test-composite-mode13:02
mithro-And these tests demonstrate the UI:13:02
mithro-test-ui test-switching test-random test-checking-timestamps13:02
mithro-You may want to do 'make test-*' for specific test.13:02
mithro-hyades, do you have a specific project in mind for GSoC?13:02
hyadesive done projects with gst, python, c and django13:04
hyadeshonestly,I didnt streaming-server very much interesting as far as how much improvement it needs.13:06
hyadesGst-switch seems very interesting.13:07
mithro-hyades, well, there are plenty of projects to go around :)13:09
mithro-you can also try "make demo" to see a demo13:09
hyadescan i feed the video sources ??13:12
hyadestweaking the file13:14
mithro-any gstreamer pipeline should be easy to feed to gst-switch13:18
mithro-hyades, submitting documentation patches is a great way to get started :)13:18
mithro-anyway I have to run13:18
mithro-will be back tomorrow13:18
hyadeswht time will you be here?13:19
mithro-in about 8-10 hours13:24
mithro-but I'll be on all day probably13:24
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rihnapstorCarlFK: mithro  hi :)14:31
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* rihnapstor brb16:18
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CarlFKhey rihnapstor16:43
rihnapstorhi CarlFK  :) currently trying to fix Makefile inside 'streaming-system/website/Makefile'16:45
rihnapstorwhats up buddy :)16:45
CarlFKI may have just finished all the vids from PyCon16:47
rihnapstorok. mithro just informed to tweak with setup documentation for streaming-system which lacks16:48
rihnapstor*informed me16:48
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