Saturday, 2013-04-20

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mithro-morning people03:21
CarlFKhi Tim04:11
CarlFKhows your sox foo?04:12
CarlFKsox -n -d synth .1 sin 200 boop.wav => "sox FAIL synth: no type given"  how do I fix that?04:12
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mithro-I don't use sox06:59
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rihnapstorhi mithro  :)16:31
rihnapstorany here ?16:33
rihnapstorCarlFK: ?16:35
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rihnapstorhyades:  hi16:42
hyadesI wished to take part in gsoc.Had a discussion few days back about timvideos in general. Wanted information about the the tasks of improvements in flumotion & gst-switch16:42
hyadeshad a brief look into the codes of both of them.16:43
rihnapstorhyades: do you have instance of streaming video running  on your server ?16:44
hyadesDue to some hardware constraints currently, i dont have it running it now. Any online link  available?16:46
rihnapstorhyades: thats what I am looking for . :) I think hyades  its a weekend so mentors are offline .I am struggle to get my instance working.16:48
rihnapstorbtw flumotion and gst-switch is an hardware project ?16:48
CarlFKrihnapstor: here16:49
CarlFK flumotion and gst-switch are software16:50
CarlFKhdmi2usb is hardware16:50
hyadeshow do u test it on own machine??16:52
hyadesAre'nt the sources of the streams configured for specific input cameras?16:53
rihnapstorCarlFK: bottstrap scrit ''make serve" fails to download ez_setup !  traceback here
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066504: timvideo bootstrap fails (at
CarlFKrihnapstor: where did bottstrap come from?16:59
CarlFKand yeah, I am unfamiliar with what is where.  I have just worked in the same room as Tim, not actually worked on the same code17:00
rihnapstorCarlFK: The "make file" command successfully made virtual stack for streaming-system frontend code, but it fails to download some dependencies.17:01
CarlFKhyades: there is no reason everything can't run on the same box17:01
rihnapstorCarlFK:  here is the link of my traceback
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066504: timvideo bootstrap fails (at
hyadesit can if i tweak the input sources in gstreamer, but i can never test performance related issues17:02
CarlFKrihnapstor: what do I run to reproduce that?17:02
hyadestry installing pypi through easy_install17:03
CarlFKinstalling pypi ?17:04
hyadesCarlFK: what part of the project do you work on??17:05
CarlFKhyades: currently none17:07
CarlFKI do the video *recording* for pycon17:08
CarlFKand Tim hooks into that system as a video source17:08
hyadesTim is mithro?17:08
CarlFKI just give him admin access to the boxes, trust he wont break anything, and streaming happens17:08
CarlFKyeah, it is 3am in Australia where he lives17:09
hyadesok ok :)17:10
rihnapstorohh CarlFK  then mithro is asleep :)17:10
hyadesat the recording end the setup is same as mentioned in some of the diagrams or is that thing proposed?17:12
CarlFKI use DVswitch, which can stream ntsc/pal dv over tcp - connect to port 2000, get a 30mbs sream of dv frames17:18
CarlFKtim wrote a gstreamer source to manage that connection17:18
rihnapstorCarlFK: what can you say from my traceback ?17:20
hyadesand how many end clients/ servers are present?17:20
hyadesin this system?17:20
CarlFKrihnapstor: nothing new .. I need steps starting at step 117:20
CarlFKhyades: pycon had 400 viewers at one time I think17:21
hyadesand this had how many servers?17:21
CarlFKrihnapstor: your trace back should start with a prompt so we can see what dir you are in and what command/parameters you did17:22
CarlFKhyades:  no idea about servers.  but the processes run in VMs, so the concept of 1 server gets a little fuzzy17:23
rihnapstorCarlFK: ok ,posting traceback again.I think its python compatibility  issue.requires python2.6 ? really ?17:24
CarlFKhyades: I wouldn't worry about testing performance until there are docs showing how to set things up17:24
rihnapstorCarlFK:  new traceback here
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066526 (at
hyadesi went through some of the gstreamer pipeline elements, and I dont think much can be improved in this part. Only interaction if required with other things will require some extra elements.17:26
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CarlFKhyades: personally, I want to see setup docs17:31
hyadesso which area requires most attention apart from the hardware part?17:32
rihnapstorfor development version setup docs
tpbTitle: timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
CarlFKrihnapstor: have you actually done it?17:35
rihnapstordone what CarlFK  ?17:35
CarlFKsetup a stream17:36
CarlFKwhat you pointed me do is not "how to set up the streaming system"17:37
CarlFKI don't think such a document exists yet17:37
skayhi all, I'm going to lurk here, though I am busy at hte moment with a last minute assignment17:38
skaybut in way of intro, I've been to a few pycons and other conferences where I've seen tim running streaming stuff17:38
CarlFKI know how to setup/configure the cameras and vga converter sources to create .dv files that get encoded and uploaded to youtube.  I have no idea how to hook up the stream stuff17:39
rihnapstorCarlFK:  sorry , here is the Initial config for setting up
tpb<> (at
skayand I'm interested in whether this can happen at an upcoming conference. I do not have experience deploying the system for a conference17:39
CarlFKrihnapstor: that's better.  have you done it yourself ?17:39
skayI've pinged the organizers to see if they are open to having volunteers show up to set up streaming, and they are intrigued, but I don't know if whoever is doing av will be doing anything that would work with streaming17:41
skayat any rate, if they are doing anything plausible, and any of the gsoc folks find it easy to get to Austin for scipy, maybe it would be a good trial run?17:42
skayanyway, I need to go afk17:42
rihnapstoryeah.cloned but stuck on "make server" command.17:42
CarlFKrihnapstor: on Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric it seems to work - I got to "You just installed Django's auth system, which means you don't have any superusers defined.  Would you like to create one now? (yes/no): "17:43
CarlFKoh, you got that too?17:44
rihnapstorCarlFK:  the script fails here line 37
tpb<> (at
rihnapstorI dont have python2.617:44
hyadesi didnt setup the server on my system, however this is mainstream with django17:44
hyadessec i ll try17:45
CarlFKrihnapstor: what told you to run "make serve" ?17:46
rihnapstorInitial config from file from 'streaming-system/website' directory17:47
CarlFKthat just says "make"17:47
CarlFKah, next section.. make serve17:47
CarlFKdid you do the Initial config make?17:48
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CarlFKpfft, step1 failed for me17:49
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rihnapstorCarlFK:  I triggered first 3 steps17:50
rihnapstor1)clone 2_cd 3)make serve.  more log here from pip.log file17:51
CarlFK  Permission denied (publickey).17:51
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066552 (at
tpbTitle: Snippet #225264 (at
rihnapstorCarlFK:  ok ubuntu 11/10 which version of python you have ?17:55
CarlFKPython 2.7.2+ (default, Jul 20 2012, 22:15:08)17:56
rihnapstoryeah, i too have same Python2.7.x17:57
* rihnapstor is wondering why that 'make server' script fails ? :|17:58
CarlFKlets go way back to step 1 of "Initial Configuration" -  can you do the git clone it a temp dir?17:59
rihnapstorwait CarlFK  do you have streaming-system website running ?18:00
hyadesrihnapstor : i got through that step, looks like some kind of connectivity issues for you18:00
rihnapstorhyades: I am not behind a proxy server.18:01
CarlFKrihnapstor: I don't18:01
rihnapstorhyades: make serve script fails at line 37 here
tpb<> (at
CarlFKlets go way back to step 1 of "Initial Configuration" -  can you do the git clone it a temp dir?18:02
rihnapstoryeah done18:02
CarlFKhmm, did you get commit access to the repo?18:02
rihnapstoryup ls -l -a18:03
hyadesim dloading it right now18:04
hyadesits like this18:04
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066566 (at
CarlFKhyades: what was your git clone command ?18:04
hyadesgit clone git://
rihnapstorhyades: you got it !18:06
rihnapstorI am failing at getting ez-setup ,because it says base url not found.18:06
CarlFKhyades: that is not what is under "To get the code and dependencies:"18:07
tpb<> (at
rihnapstorhyades: you cloned timvideos/streamingsystem ? right ?18:09
hyadesim doing it wrong?18:09
hyadesi already told u my command18:10
rihnapstorhyades: can you just do 'yolk -l' and dpaste it ? please ?18:10
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066578 (at
CarlFKdoes this work for either of you?  git clone [email protected]:timvideos/timvideos.git18:15
hyadesya its running as a development server18:15
hyadesthe django server18:16
rihnapstorexactly CarlFK  its fails with permission denied error18:16
CarlFKthere we go.18:17
CarlFKone of you should open an issue about that18:17
rihnapstorCarlFK: not so soon ,keep trying18:17
hyadesis it a git related issue that you are getting?18:18
CarlFKI would call it a permissions problem18:20
CarlFKbut as long as there is a problem, it should be reported18:20
CarlFKlet the person who handles the problem figure out the details18:20
hyadeshave u setup github keys properly?18:22
rihnapstorCarlFK: check out your .ssh directory18:24
CarlFKyou are missing the point.  no where does it say I should be setting up github keys.18:25
CarlFKand I doubt that is really necessary.  I can guess what happened, but that doesn't matter.18:27
hyadeszip file doesnt work also????18:27
CarlFKif the docs are wrong, you should open an issue.18:27
hyadeshas anyone setup gst-switch?18:49
CarlFKI don't think gst-switch has ever been used in production18:50
CarlFKuntill that happens I am not touching it18:51
hyadesalways dv switch?18:51
CarlFKyeah - I have been using dvswitch for about 5 years18:52
CarlFKlooking forward to gst-switch - but don't have time to hack on it until it is at least functional18:52
hyadeswanted to know how to test gst-switch19:31
hyadesi installed it, now what ?19:32
hyadesits listening on 3k,4k,5k ports. How do i connect to them?19:34
CarlFKwhat do you want to use as an input?19:37
hyadesseems to be some stream19:39
CarlFKUm.. I was expecting web cam, file, or something at generates a test pattern19:40
hyadessay webcam and a file19:42
CarlFKI am going to make some assumptions and skip ahead.. please open an issue about lack of docs19:43
rihnapstorhyades:  what is the git url you cloned into your computer ?19:55
rihnapstorand it worked fr you with no errors19:55
rihnapstorwhat is the git url  for timvideos you used?19:56
hyadesu want which package?19:58
hyadescopy paste from github page whichever you want19:58
hyadesya no errors19:59
rihnapstorthe sstreaming system package20:00
rihnapstorwhat git url you used for cloning ? just link me here20:00
rihnapstorok thanks20:03
CarlFKthats all in the issue, right? :)20:06
hyadesCarlFK : in the dvswitch how do i view a source?20:10
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CarlFKhyades: you should see a thumb.. but that kinda tells me you haven't connected a source yet.. here is what I recomend:20:12
CarlFKgit clone git://
CarlFKcd dvsmon20:14
CarlFK~/dvsmon$ ./testit.sh20:14
CarlFKthat should give you a gui with lots of "run" buttons.  start from the top, click one, wait a sec or 2 for it to get up and running, repeat20:15
hyadeswx is what module?20:15
CarlFKoh yeah...20:16
CarlFKsudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.820:18
CarlFKI thinik...20:18
CarlFKat least that's what I have in dvsmon/debian/control  but I am not sure I ever have used the package.20:20
CarlFKdvsmon is great for testing dvswitch and I use it for production, but it is kinda daunting and has had issues over the years, like some problem with wx and ubuntu's desktop manager or something that I could never pin down - Tim fixed it by rewriting a big chunk20:22
CarlFKthere are a few ways the dvswitch components are managed - all of them have some flavor of problem ;/20:23
hyadesit gives an error20:24
hyadeswhat hostname and port?20:24
tpbTitle: dpaste: #1066711 (at
CarlFKcreate a 2 line file:20:26
CarlFK$ cat ~/.dvswitchrc20:27
hyadesit opens up the gui, but how do i feed some input to this?20:30
CarlFKdid you click all the Run buttons ?20:30
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hyadesonpy first option works20:33
CarlFKsec.. let me reboot a test box and try20:35
hyadescan you explain how it works, it take source from file and alsa sound?20:37
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* rihnapstor says gn has college tommorow 20:46
rihnapstorCarlFK: when can I meet mithro  on IRC ?20:46 is really just a thing to manage shell commands - about the same as opening 6 terminals and running  commands20:47
CarlFKno clue20:47
CarlFKsydney time is 6:45 am, I don't expect him around for another few hours20:47
CarlFKrun $ dvsource-alsa -s ntsc -r 48000 hw:020:48
hyadesfor audio?20:48
rihnapstorok thanxs20:48
CarlFKif it errors, pastebin evetything20:48
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rihnapstorCarlFK: btw,I am interested in building web enabled vedio conferencing project.20:50
rihnapstorfor gsoc20:50
hyadesu mean
hyadeswhr do i find this file?20:54
CarlFKdid you get "command not found" ?20:55
CarlFKwe need to work on communication20:57
CarlFKthat should have been your response, not " u mean"20:57
CarlFKit should be on your path, so sounds like you didn't install it20:58
CarlFKsudo apt-get  install dvswitch dvsource dvsink20:58
hyadesoh i forgot dvsource and dvsink20:59
hyadesi thought they are included in the dvswitch package20:59
hyadesconnection refused. hw:0 is which source?21:02
CarlFKrun $ dvsource-alsa -s ntsc -r 48000 hw:021:03
CarlFKif it errors, pastebin evetything21:03
CarlFKstop trying to short cut the process ;/21:03
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/Github/dvsmon$ sudo dvsource-alsa -s ntsc -r 4800 - (at
rihnapstorCarlFK:  hyades  gn21:05
rihnapstorsee you tommorow guys21:05
CarlFKsee ya21:05
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CarlFKhyades: it isn't connecting to dvswitch.  is dvswith still running ?21:06
hyadessometimes it doesnt open up ports21:06
CarlFKreboot your box, don't run any of this stuf as root21:08
hyadesits stuck at connectiong21:09
hyadesnow it seems that it did connect to it21:11
CarlFKdid you reboot?21:11
hyadeskilling of the process in dvswitch and automatic ending od dvsource were in sync21:12
CarlFKsoudns like no.21:12
CarlFKif it is all working, good. you don't need me any more.21:13
CarlFKif you need me, I am not going to try and figuer out if there are any left over processes21:13
hyadesi killed all of them :|21:14
hyadessec rebooting21:14
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CarlFKok, back to dvsmon21:17
CarlFK  105  cd dvsmon/21:18
CarlFK  106  ./testit.sh21:18
hyadesya running now21:18
hyadesthose 1s and 2s21:18
CarlFKyou should have 3 sources: the first is blank, the 2nd and 3rd have a big 1 and 2 in the middle?21:19
hyadesgot them21:19
CarlFKclick the A under 2, or just press 2 on the keyboard21:20
CarlFKthen click/press 3.. that should flip between the 2 video souces21:20
hyadeswht do A and B mean?21:21
CarlFKA is primary, B is the pic-n-pic21:22
hyadesohh nice21:22
hyadescan i feed this my webcam input?21:22
CarlFKunless your webcam is a DV device21:23
CarlFKwhich there are only like 3 in the worlds21:23
hyadeshence the need for gst-switch21:23
CarlFKdon;t spend too much time on dvswitch - other than it makes a handy source for the streaming stack21:23
CarlFKyeah - gst-switch will do "everything"21:24
CarlFKI know the streaming stack is ready - I have seen it work twice .. maybe 3 times21:25
CarlFKbut it has lots of parts that all need to be setup21:25
CarlFKand from what I can tell there the docs don't even come close to telling anyone how to set up anything21:26
CarlFKso you have dvswitch running, it would be great if you could figure out how to setup the stuff that goes between it and a browser21:26
CarlFKso you open firefox on the same box, hit http://localhost/room1 and see the 1/2 test patterns21:27
CarlFKgetting that to happen would be great, and showing someone a doc that they can use to get it going is the real goal21:28
hyadesdvswitch's encoding is what format?21:29
CarlFKignroe that :)21:29
CarlFKdvswitch doesn't do any encoding21:30
hyadesi mean the format it handles?21:30
CarlFKdv in, dv out.  that's all.21:31
hyadesok..havnt heard of it21:31
CarlFKit is what all cameras that have a firewire connection use21:31
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CarlFKand it is a pretty simple format - all frames are 120000 bytes (ntsc anyway.  pal might be more)21:32
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hyadesi worked on mainly theora, webm and x264 formats21:34
CarlFKI take the dv files and use this to encode them:
tpb<> (at
CarlFKcmd="melt ....    "properties=x264-medium vb=%(vbr)sk ...21:44
CarlFKhmm.. acodec=libmp3lame  should be aac21:45
hyadesit works on a saved file?21:50
hyadesCarlFK : good night...feeling too sleepy22:29
CarlFKsee ya22:36
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