Friday, 2013-04-19

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mithrohello rihnapstor07:23
mithrocan I help you with anything?07:23
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rihnapstormithro:  hey! :) I just posted to your organizations mailing list about my interest in working on web enabled video streaming app.07:50
rihnapstormithro: can you please excuse me for 30 minutes I am going to have launch now :)07:51
* rihnapstor will be right back.07:52
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rihnapstorHello mithro  :)14:31
mithro-hi rihnapstor14:31
mithro-wow, lots of people here now14:32
mithro-rihnapstor, can I help you at all?14:32
rihnapstormithro: pleasure to meet you :) yeah ,I am interested in your organization project. I would like to work on web enabled video streaming.So My first step is to clone repo. on GH,then mess with it,till you get some glimpse :)14:35
rihnapstor*you = I14:36
mithro-rihnapstor, your interested in GSoC?14:36
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rihen_mithro: I am really sorry,network disconnected.15:06
mithro-rihen_, no worries15:06
mithro-rihnapstor, your interested in GSoC?15:06
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rihen_mithro: yeah ,did you see my last message ?15:07
mithro-rihnapstor> *you = I15:07
mithro-was your last message15:07
rihen_I mean before that .I mentioned about steps that I will have to go through before starting with solving issues from GH.15:08
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rihnapstormithro:  :( sorry .so which repo. I have to clone to get local instance running ?15:38
rihnapstorfrom here
tpbTitle: timvideos (Tim Videos Conference Recording Systems) ยท GitHub (at
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rihen_ok thanks mithro  :)15:40
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rihnapstormithro: where can I find the documentation for your codebase ?15:50
rihnapstormithro:  ?15:54
rihnapstormithro-: ping15:55
mithro-rihnapstor, what documentation?15:58
rihnapstormithro:  I wanted  documentation for understanding existing architecture of timvideos like whats already done with the proeject so I have a better goal of whats needs to be improved and developed.16:01
rihnapstoralso I am not udnerstanding which repo should i fork and clone to get my local host running ?16:02
rihnapstormithro-: also  I need some time to familiarize with your codebase.16:04
mithro-rihnapstor, you saw the diagram on code.timvideos.us16:04
mithro-that explains where the pieces fit16:04
mithro-I'm heading to be now16:04
mithro-will be back in the morning and can help more then16:04
rihnapstoryeah.My understanding is that remote viewers should be able to stream live sessions which will be cost effecient.16:05
rihnapstormithro-:  just give me a minute of your time please will you ?16:05
rihnapstorI have college after 9 hours from now ,so when can we discuss more.I will return home after 6 hours probably,will you be available in your timezone ?16:08
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* rihnapstor will be right back16:27
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* rihnapstor smiles18:43
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CarlFKrihnapstor:    do you have a linux box you can experiment on?19:04
CarlFKI suspect it is going to take 5 - 10 installs before the docs are really complete19:05
rihnapstorCarlFK: hi, yeah I have my linux machine. I just need to install and run timVideos clone on my local Instance.19:20
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