Tuesday, 2013-04-16

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mithromorning people01:27
mithrohello white, anything I can help you with?01:28
whitenah just lurking around01:28
mithrowhite, can I ask how you found out about our project and what your interested in?01:28
whiteyou posted on gsoc last night01:28
mithro#gsoc ?01:28
whiteso just popped in to see whats going on01:29
whitecall me curious01:29
whiteif you must ;)01:29
mithrowhite, success :)01:32
whiteyou know i am surprised there hasnt been a flood of curious students01:35
mithrovideo streaming isn't as sexy as computer games :)01:35
whitestudents you logically approach new orgs especially the late comers.. since chances of finding work ae maxmum in new orgs01:36
whiteold established orgs would alread yhave a huge following and the most sincere guys would have got involved weeks ago01:36
white*students should01:36
mithrostudent's are necessarily logical :)01:39
mithrowhite, any ideas on improving our website?01:39
whitecould you post a link?01:39
whitefeeling a bit lazy sorry01:39
whitehave an about me/us section maybe?01:42
whiteor a link to one if you have it already01:43
whitedo your products have surveilance applications?01:45
whiteby any chance?01:45
whiteone last thing... is there any particular reason other than a prank to have the 2000px high div tag at the end? :)01:53
whitebtw i hope you do know that i am only a measely student.02:15
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mithrowhite, if you link to a # which is near the bottom of the screen you want it to scroll all the way up03:06
whitemakes sense i guess03:10
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jessyanyone der04:19
mithrojessy, I assume your interested in our project via GSoC?04:21
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mithrohi boredomist07:40
mithroboredomist, can I help you with anything?08:10
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apshi mithro.11:10
apsI was trying to fix issue "consolidate css files" but since there is no live stream currently, i couldn't see tags required for streaming page. can u give me link of any page of your site that has stream or jwplayer active?11:12
mithro-you can use the fake_register.py in the tools section11:17
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apsmithro, this is my 1st time, please guide if I did something wrong :)11:59
mithro-aps, okay12:00
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boredomisthi everyone14:35
boredomisti'm curious, would it be possible for me to be productive if i've never used conference streaming setups?14:44
boredomisti'm looking through some of the gsoc ideas to see what i could potentially work on14:44
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