Saturday, 2013-04-13

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mithrohi people05:48
darnirHello mithro05:48
mithroOur primary hardware project is called "HDMI2USB" it's a device to capture HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort data05:48
mithroTo be used at conferences for recording slides from a computer05:48
mithroIt's based around a Spartan 6 FPGA05:49
darnirJust moving off topic for a second, what are your licensing terms?05:49
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mithroso most of the "hardware" is really writing VHDL / Verilog code05:49
darnirAah! Darn! I do not have access to that board here. My university currently only has Spartan 3E boards05:49
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
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mithrodarnir, we have the fund to get people boards if they show progress / actual work05:50
mithro <- good place to look too05:50
tpb<> (at
darnirThat would be great. I have dine some work on the 3E boards in the past.05:50
darnirI'll look up your pages in a while.05:51
mithroWe are also accepting projects as part of the GSoC05:51
darnirI specifically ask for licensing, since this concept could be used in a couple of other places too. Sadly, I am not allowed to reveal, since the said projects are in stealth mode currently.05:52
tpb<> (at
tpbTitle: The MIT License (MIT) | Open Source Initiative (at
darnirHmm.. MIT License.05:53
darnirI'll look at your code only after I've confirmed that I can work with you. Conflict of interest and all >05:53
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mithro and would be the places to start with projects05:55
tpb<> (at
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mithrodarnir, if you know of any other student who might be interested, please do forward them our way06:03
darnirmithro: Oh sure. In fact, I'd like to join myself. But since I'm working on a similar project already, I simply need confirmation about whether I can or not.06:05
darnirmithro: I just confirmed with my other team members. No one sees any issue with me working here. :D The HDMI2USB Project seems pretty good to me.06:24
darnirThough I need to brush up on my Verilog. Been nearly 4 months since I last wrote any significant verilog code.06:25
mithrothat is fair enough06:27
mithrowe guess most people won't have had much experiance with verilog/vhdl06:27
darnirI've done some work with Serial communication.06:28
darnirAlso, one question, certain places state that HDMI2USB is based on a Spartan 6. Whereas the relevant Wiki states that it uses a Diligent Atlys Board.06:29
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mithroThe Diligent Atlys Board has a Spartan 6 on it06:52
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mithrodarnir_, The Diligent Atlys Board has a Spartan 6 on it06:52
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darnir_Aah.. Okay.06:54
darnir_And since, I do not have access to a board currently, what is it that I can work on in the meantime?06:54
mithrodarnir_, you can compile the code I guess07:17
mithrohelp with documentation07:17
mithrofor example optimising/working on the jpeg core should be pretty easy to do07:17
darnir_The Xilinx Devel Suite is what is required right?07:18
darnir_My Student License for it, is giving problems on Linux, though it works fine on Windows. I'll try and get it sorted out ASAP.07:19
mithrodarnir_, you should be able to use the WebPack licensed stuff07:20
mithrowhich means you don't need a full license07:20
mithrodarnir_, doing documentation and helping out otherwise also works07:20
darnir_Hmm.. I would prefer working on code. Will help out on documentation too07:21
mithrodarnir_, you could work on porting the Cypress firmware to sdcc07:22
mithrodarnir_, for a summer of code project I'd suggest the following projects07:23
mithro - Creating a USB 3.0 extension board07:23
mithro - Writing Firmware to support the Marvell Ethernet stuff07:23
mithro - 3G-SDI extension board support07:24
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darnirSo, let me see if I understand this. For the USB 3.0 support, I'll have to integrate the USB 3.0 core by daisho into Phase 1?07:40
mithrodarnir, and design/build a suitable PCB board with a USB 3.0 ULPI chip on it07:44
mithroThe Atlys board has a extension socket07:45
mithroso you'd design the board to plug into that07:45
darnirThats a lot of reading I need to do.07:45
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mithrohi jayrambhia08:40
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apshi mithro. I'm interested in Streaming System Website project. Can you please give some more info about what is to be done?  this link does not give any info  --
tpbTitle: Tim Videos - Getting Started! (at
mithroaps, take a look at the bugs/issues09:06
apsokay. will you be the mentor for this project?09:09
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mithroaps, myself or iiie09:11
apsI'll try to close some issue in this week. If I'm able to, should I talk to you first or simply send a pull request?09:14
mithroaps, either is fine09:14
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mithroaps, if you get stuck, I'm quite happy to help09:18
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mithroaps, any luck?12:10
mithrohello Yash12:10
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shrey@mithro : hi12:50
shreyWhat kind of http data do we need once a bug is encountered?Can you please elaborate?12:51
shreyand does the bug functionality also include general feedbacks?12:52
mithroshrey, any information we can get out of the system regarding their attempt to play video12:52
shreydo you have some specific information in mind?that should necessarily be included?12:53
mithrothe main reason someone would click that link is that they have failed to see a live video12:54
mithroso imaging your trying to fix the problem for that user12:57
mithrowhat information would you need?12:57
shreyumm.please go on.i dont have much background in video streaming.although i guess it could be their connection type, the link , the browser  their firewall .could be anything13:03
shreywe can just provide them with a form .but that wont be of much use.everyone's problem would be "unable to watch the video."13:04
mithroyes, that is why you want to pull it out of their browser for them13:07
shreyor we can give a form with sidelinks to sites(like and ask them for their upload and download speed?or send the request through ajax automatically?will that be a feasible implementation?13:18
mithroyou want to do everything automatically13:19
mithroif it was just a simple form, it'd be done already :)13:22
mithroyou want to check out what you can get out of JWPlayer as well13:29
shreyso how do you suggest i proceed ?13:32
shreyone way would be to start with a basic bug implementation and add features to it on the way.13:32
mithroup to you13:32
shreyok :)13:34
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