Tuesday, 2013-04-09

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AmanpreetSinghHi. I am interested in participating in GSoC this year and contributing to your organisation. Can you please tell me what skills I need to have in order to help?05:22
mithro--AmanpreetSingh, have you gone to our website and looked at the projects?05:32
AmanpreetSinghI 'm going through this link now.  http://timvideos.github.io/getting-started/Ideas.html05:34
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yZ4> (at timvideos.github.io)05:34
mithro--AmanpreetSingh, cool05:37
AmanpreetSinghYes, thanks :)05:37
mithro--you should also check out our Summer of Code webpage05:37
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yZ6> (at timvideos.github.io)05:38
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mithro--Amanpreet, which project interests you?05:55
AmanpreetI'm particularly interested in "Streaming system website tasks".05:56
AmanpreetI'll try to close issue #405:57
AmanpreetIs this website live right now?05:58
mithro--yes, but it is uninteresting as there are no live streams06:02
AmanpreetOkay. So, I'll try to get familiar with code and close issue #4.06:08
AmanpreetDo you want to give any specific instructions about this issue?06:09
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hellboy2k8@mithro-- This is regarding the streaming website project08:04
mithro--please be more specific...08:05
hellboy2k8I have worked on a audio streaming website which I deployed in my colllege the website was based on a php framework with icecast for audio streaming08:06
hellboy2k8so I saw the project of urs of the gsoc idea list08:06
mithro--hellboy2k8, the projects already exist08:06
hellboy2k8so it was on the gsoc idea list I want to know how I can contribute to it08:07
hellboy2k8and what actually do u expect from the project?08:07
hellboy2k8can u please elaborate a bit?08:08
mithro--did you read our Summer of Code page and Ideas page?08:09
hellboy2k8yeah I was going through the same so the deliverable included were a django based website and shell script for other jobs08:11
mithro--So your looking at http://timvideos.github.io/getting-started/Ideas.html08:11
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yZ4> (at timvideos.github.io)08:11
hellboy2k8yeah I looked at the same link08:15
mithro--so how could I make it clear these are *existing projects* which you can hack on?08:16
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mithroAmanpreet, Issue #4 on which project?09:20
Amanpreetstreaming-system website09:22
mithrolink please?09:22
mithrohttps://github.com/timvideos/getting-started/issues/4 <--09:23
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ybk> (at github.com)09:23
AmanpreetYes mithro09:24
mithroAmanpreet, okay - you obviously need to spec if out quite a bit more09:25
mithrothat issue as described is not enough for 3 months work09:25
Amanpreetno no, I meant that I will close that before applying :)09:26
mithrooh, cool09:26
AmanpreetI have somewhat less experience with django, so I will brush up while working on this one.09:27
mithroAmanpreet, sounds good09:28
mithroif you need any help, please do reach out to us09:28
Amanpreetsure :)09:28
mithroAmanpreet, have you done GSoC before?09:29
Amanpreetno, this is my 1st time09:31
AmanpreetAlso, in this issue    < https://github.com/timvideos/streaming-system/issues/23 >  Files can be easily combined into one. But, its generally kept that way to differentiate the styling, like tweet.css is for twitter styles etc. You can close this issue right now by merging content aof all four files.09:33
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+ybw> (at github.com)09:33
mithroAmanpreet, I added the "When consolidating, figure out where each css style is used and rework the CSS files to make more sense."09:35
mithroAmanpreet, if it was just "cat a b c > styles.css" then it would already be done :)09:37
mithrothe reason behind the question mark on that issue09:37
Amanpreetokay, should I combine the files, remove redundant code if any and comment them properly so its more understandable?09:40
mithroAmanpreet, pretty much - I think the tweet.css is only used in one page and not another09:40
mithroso probably a good idea to do a general audit09:42
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Amanpreetmithro, can you please tell exactly what improvements you want in css?10:14
mithroAmanpreet, Look at the HTML code - figure out which CSS files are used and which styles are used then audit and consolidate CSS files10:15
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mithrohello kanha10:20
kanhaI want to take part in gsoc this year and want to work with this organization10:20
kanhaCan some one guide me here?10:21
mithrohave you read the documentation10:21
kanhaYes I have a look on it10:22
kanhaIdeas are not mentioned yet10:22
mithrokanha, do you have a more specific question then?10:22
mithrokanha, yes they are10:23
kanhayes, I am looking for some projects that requires writing/improving automated tests -unit testing in python or c or c++10:23
kanhaIs there any scope of such project here?10:25
mithrokanha, you need to do some research yourself - we are not going to do it for you, many ideas are linked off the ideas page and your welcome to suggest your own too10:26
Amanpreetmithro, I was looking at the live site code. There are some styles which are not used but I think its unsafe to delete any of these from CSS files since this is a dynamically created site. So, some elements may not be available everytime. What do you say?10:48
mithroAmanpreet, something must create them right?10:50
mithroAmanpreet, either the javascript or the django code?10:50
Amanpreetdjango mostly10:50
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Amanpreetmithro, I'm sorry, internet went down for some reason. I didm't get your messages after<mithro> Amanpreet, either the javascript or the django code?11:03
Amanpreet[16:20] <Amanpreet> django mostly11:03
mithroAmanpreet, what I mean is that only django code and the javascript code could add styles11:03
mithroso there are limited places to look11:03
Amanpreetokay, but aren't the css files written that into consideration?11:04
mithroAmanpreet, what do you mean?11:04
AmanpreetI mean when css files were written initially, wasn't it done based on what django and javascript files could generate?11:05
mithroAmanpreet, yes - but things have changed over time11:05
mithroand I doubt people have removed the styles which are no longer used11:05
Amanpreetnow i understood.11:06
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kanhamithro: Are all the packages portable with python 3? Is there any package that needs porting python 2.x to 3?11:17
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hyadescan anyone guide me over gsoc?13:11
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