Saturday, 2020-04-18

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daniellimwsmithro: I think I'll change to a rst file, in this way everything is standardized and we don't need to worry about using which extension anymore. What do you think?00:31
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mithro@daniellimws: I think that is a reasonable choice01:25
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daniellimwsmithro: Regarding the title, would VtR XML be sufficient? Or better to have the name in full form like you suggested in the PR02:31
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-_whitenotifier-3- [sphinxcontrib-verilog-diagrams] daniellimws opened issue #14: Usage of -compat-int on yosys should depends on its version -
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-_whitenotifier-3- [symbiflow-arch-defs] acomodi opened issue #1429: Vendor Tools IO placement error -
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mithrodaniellimws: Not sure, how does it look to you?21:21
mithroFFY00: What is your github username again? You might be able to help with
tpbTitle: yosys: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or director · Issue #1965 · YosysHQ/yosys · GitHub (at
-_whitenotifier-3- [conda-packages] mithro opened issue #85: icestorm package is currently failing to build -
-_whitenotifier-3- [conda-packages] mithro opened issue #86: slang package is currently failing to build -

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