Wednesday, 2020-04-01

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mgf-gurgelsHello guys, My name is Mateus and I'm a university student from Brazil, I know a bit about C and Python and would like to help the project, Suggestions on getting started?02:27
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hackerfooacomodi : Do you use this for VTR tests?
tpbTitle: GitHub - antmicro/distant-rec (at
sf-slack<acomodi> hackerfoo: Not yet actually16:18
hackerfooDo you still run tests manually (using the VTR scripts)?16:18
sf-slack<acomodi> Yes, the usual for now, as reported in the VTR documentation16:20
hackerfooThanks. I'm looking at ways to improve my workflow:
tpbTitle: Accelerating VtR QoR Experiments - Google Docs (at
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