Friday, 2020-03-20

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lambdadaveshah: here's the netlist+constraints:
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clay_1Hello everyone !17:27
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lambdadoes xray support all 5 PLLs on xc7a35t yet? I think I remember nextpnr-xilinx showing all 5 as available once, but I'm not 100% sure.18:15
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clay_1When a lut input is not used is stuck at constant 1 ?18:58
sf-slack<kgugala> clay_1: yes18:59
clay_1kgugala thanks :)19:00
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sf-slack<zavieraguila> Hello everyone! I'm Zavier, I'm a graduate student in the Digital Design field. I'm part of the team(you might see a couple more of us crop up soon) that devloped an open-sourced,FPGA-optimized, RISCV Processor: Taiga. The SymbiFlow team and GSoC were brought up by my supervisor, Lesley, as a great collaborative opportunity. I've been milling over project ideas, and would love to get your insight. I wanted to work23:55
sf-slackon an fpga-optimized cache that bridges Taiga, hardware accelerators and memory. I'm really interested in looking into diffrent cache designs and how the diffrent vendor specific memory blocks might affect our design decisions. I think it's a vital piece of creating a full open-source system that intices people to use it, not just because it's open source, but also because its performance if it's optimized for the FPGA fabric.23:55
sf-slackFor a more support facing project, I've been really pushing for more extensive documentation for Taiga, the core itself was made by just 1 person, and only recently has it gotten more people (like me) to work on it, so documentation is quite lacking. I was planning to make a refernce manual, design documents, and tutorials. I think the design documentation and tutorials would be great for the open-source aspect. The design23:55
sf-slackdocumentation can be a useful resource in depicting the decisions made for FPGA-specifc design, to help provide insight for designers. For the tutorials, I wanted to guide people through taking their C/C++ code and getting that to run on Taiga in both simulation and hardware. I was wondering if Symbiflow would be interested in such projects? It's a bit of a tangent to what Symbiflow focuses, but I'm hoping that this work makes23:55
sf-slackit more compelling to use Taiga in future/current projects. I am just as open to suggestions to make it more useful to you.23:55
sf-slack<zavieraguila> (phew, pardon the wall of text)23:56

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