Saturday, 2019-08-10

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mithrolitghost: DB pushed00:04
hackerfooError 1:01:30
hackerfooType: Placement file01:30
hackerfoo^ got a little further. One error at a time.01:31
hackerfooThe design.json file I'm using:
tpbTitle: design.json ยท GitHub (at
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mithroduck2: Just reviewed your generated code23:37
duck2mithro: checking now23:37
mithroduck2: It's looking pretty good, mostly lots of small improvements23:37
mithroduck2: Also, shouldn't you be sleeping or something? :-P23:38
mithrobe back in 30m23:39
duck2mithro: hehe, this is the artifact of being a full time student23:39

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