Tuesday, 2019-08-06

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hackerfooFor anyone debugging Python scripts, `go sf_build <something>`, then if a script breaks, `go retry_error_command pydebug` should start pdb, and then type `c` to run the script: https://github.com/HackerFoo/hackerfoo-go-functions/blob/master/functions/symbiflow#L20719:48
tpbTitle: hackerfoo-go-functions/symbiflow at master · HackerFoo/hackerfoo-go-functions · GitHub (at github.com)19:48
hackerfoolitghost: Is there a good way to ignore some tile types in prjxray_create_edges.py? I don't want to deal with the RIO*_SING tiles yet.19:51
litghosthackerfoo: You could just strink the ROI in y dimension to exclude them19:52
litghosthackerfoo: That's probably the easiest way19:52
litghosthackerfoo: Nothing super exicting would get cut off in the short term19:52
hackerfoolitghost: Seems like a good way to do it, thanks.19:53
hackerfoolitghost: I think the vertical ROI boundaries have to be on a VBRK? The routing import breaks because of a missing top graph node for CLBLL_L_X24Y48/CLBLL_L_A1 at prjxray_routing_import.py:17521:12
litghosthackerfoo: prjxray_routing_import.py:175 is nothing to do with VBRK?  It is saying that a node from VPR is missing a graph node in the database21:14
hackerfooIt's on the top edge of the ROI when I moved it down, so there can't be a node above it. It worked before I shrunk the ROI.21:16
litghosthackerfoo: Did you rebuild the arch grid?  Because by shrinking the ROI, some portion of the grid should be removed21:17
hackerfooI removed build/xc7/archs/artix7/devices/*x1y0*21:19
hackerfooI'm trying a clean build now.21:20
hackerfooThanks. Rebuilding fixed it.21:36
hackerfooIt looks like I have to handle RIOI3_TBYTESRC and RIOI3_TBYTETERM.21:55
litghosthackerfoo: Conside just mapping those back to RIOI3?21:57
hackerfooProbably. I'm looking for any differences right now, but I don't see anything.21:58
hackerfooSo a bunch of copying and editing the name.22:00
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