Wednesday, 2019-07-31

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litghosthackerfoo: Do you mean route through sub-circuits?  Absolutely not01:21
litghosthackerfoo: As for an empty database, how did you attempt to invoke the routing import?  Presumably the database was corrupted if you are using the make system and poking around01:22
hackerfoolitghost: Just using cmake. Ill try a clean build, though.01:32
duck2i found a float min_value(1.17549e-38) as a switch Tdel in artix 7 rr_graph. is this supposed to happen? the file is a month old though. i'll build new one overnight02:10
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litghostduck2: Ya that's right.  It is there intentionally to prevent delay == 0 paths, which VPR throws on05:52
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acomodimithro: with conda-packages, if I update .bump I get this error in the VTR build:
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
acomodiGiven by the fact that, while doing `conda update -y conda` the following packages get removed:
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mithroNew database pushed!23:08
mithroMissing zynq for the latest push as the build is failing23:09
mithrolitghost: WOOOT!23:35

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