Monday, 2019-07-22

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duck2here is a schema-generated arch.xml reader(370kb):
tpbTitle: arch.cpp ยท GitHub (at
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duck2here is a weekly report for gsoc:
tpbTitle: GSoC2019 - 22th July 2019 - Weekly Report - Google Docs (at
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mithroduck2: Great weekly report!15:06
mithroLooks like there has been a lot of progress on finding the bits needed for the LiteX SoC15:39
mithroduck2: Next task I think is the cap'n'proto version?16:00
mithroI know that will make litghost excited...16:02
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sf-slack2<tmichalak> @mithro there has indeed been some progress on the bits for Litex. Looks like we actually need around 100 unique bits to burn down the remaining 1915 unknown bits listed in the fasm file.17:44
mithrolitghost: Looks like you like mkurc's new solver thingy?17:48
litghostmithro: I'm trying it out.17:48
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mithroNew database with IDELAY bits!
mithroCFG_CENTER_MID too21:00
mithroand HCLK_IOI3....21:00
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