Tuesday, 2019-07-16

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hackerfooGetting closer. I was able to generate BLK-TL-IOPADs, now I need to figure this out:01:28
* hackerfoo sent a long message: < http://sandbox.hackerfoo.com:8008/_matrix/media/v1/download/sandbox.hackerfoo.com/AIRNLqCUFXznIpTnAJogjUFK >01:28
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sf-slack2<acomodi> hackerfoo: just some thoughts. Shouldn't IOPADs be primitives instead of tiles and be included in the IOB33{S,M} top level tile/pb_type?09:29
sf-slack2<acomodi> moreover, I am wondering how to treat the IOI3 tile that will hold the I/OSERDES, should them be included in the IOB33 tiles will they be treated as separate entities?09:31
hackerfooacamodi: IOPAD is a virtual tile that includes one pad, buffers, and logic. So it's half of an IOB33 and half of an IOI3.10:34
sf-slack2<acomodi> hackerfoo: Ok, got it, I thought it just had to include the `.input` or `.output` .blif name. Regarding the VtR error you got, I wonder why VPR says that do is related to `BLK-TL-SLICEL`. Have you tried to use the highest level of verbosity?10:51
hackerfooI wondered about that too. I have not yet tried increasing the verbosity, I'll try that later, thanks.10:54
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sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> Not sure If I understand it correctly but Project Trellis supports the built in ddr interface right? Where can I find documentation on how to use that?23:10
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