Sunday, 2019-07-14

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sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> How much trouble will it be to set up all this on windows? or should I just move over to ubuntu for the the time being23:01
hackerfoonikolaus.luhrs: You could use a Linux VM, or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), but make sure you have enough RAM, because the host OS will use some of it. I suggest 16GB+ for the VM.23:11
hackerfooAnother option (which I use for MacOS) is to use a remote Linux machine.23:12
sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> I have but loads of ram so VM it is I guess23:20
sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> butt*23:20
sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> does vs 32 bit matter?23:20
sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> agh I can't type today, does 64 vs 32 bit matter*23:21
sf-slack2<nikolaus.luhrs> Oh wait never mind it seems my virtualization problem have solved themselves at some point23:23

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