Monday, 2019-07-08

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duck2justidl3: for 7-series, you can follow instructions in
tpbTitle: symbiflow-arch-defs/xc7 at master · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
mithrojustidl3: I believe hzeller was working on a simple makefile based flow example01:43
tpbTitle: GitHub - hzeller/symbiflow-simple-sample: Using Symbiflow arch defs to get BASYS3 board entertained with logic (at
mithroIt's probably a bit out of date01:44
mithrojustidl3: If you want a tool which is to replace vivado right now, SymbiFlow isn't ready for that01:45
mithrojustidl3: Our target is to have that style of flow ready by the end of the year01:45
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sf-slack2<justidl3> still sounds like a cool project, lemme see if there are small ways I can contribute05:26
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blacken57Hey, I am new and would like to contribute something. Can someone help me get started?12:57
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sf-slack2<kgugala> @blacken57 you can always check issue lists in the projects13:13
sf-slack2<kgugala> some of them are marked as `good first issue`13:13
sf-slack2<kgugala> e.g.
tpbTitle: Issues · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
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sf-slack2<kgugala> And if you have questions about the issue you can ask them here13:34
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sf-slack2<kgugala> @mithro @litghost the kokoro seems to be down17:19
duck2here is another weekly report:
tpbTitle: GSoC2019 - 8th July 2019 - Weekly Report - Google Docs (at
litghostkgugala: Problem may be fixed, checking now18:34
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