Saturday, 2019-07-06

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duck2artix7 is spelled as `aritx7` in github tags of symbiflow-arch-defs
tpbTitle: Topic: aritx7 ยท GitHub (at
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sf-slack2<markus.lavin> How come nextpnr-ecp5 does not support the --12k option for the 12F devices?12:05
daveshahmarkus.lavin: because its really a 25k12:06
sf-slack2<markus.lavin> daveshah: that makes me confused :slightly_smiling_face:12:06
sf-slack2<markus.lavin> are the devices actually the same size?12:07
sf-slack2<markus.lavin> just branded differently so that they can charge more money for the 25F model (assuming that the official tools wont let you put a 25F bitstream in a 12F device)?12:11
daveshahThe IDCODE is different but you can override that in ecppack12:12
sf-slack2<markus.lavin> Ah, I see. The response from makes more sense now.12:13
tpbTitle: ulx3s/Lobby - Gitter (at
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mithroduck2: Fixed!19:32
mithroduck2: Can we move our weekly sync back an hour?19:32
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duck2mithro: works for me19:46
mithroduck2: Great, updated invitation sent19:54
mithroduck2: How goes the rr_graph reader?19:54
duck2mithro: only enum lexing and attributes' error reporting are left. think i'll post something today20:26
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mithroduck2: That would be great!20:51
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