Tuesday, 2019-06-18

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hackerfoo`&` would be more logical, but either could cause confusion.00:03
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litghostelms: Try https://docs.verilogtorouting.org/en/latest/vpr/command_line_usage/#cmdoption-vpr-congested-routing-iteration-threshold for the routing problem, unclear if it will help00:45
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mithromkurc: I was pondering about htmlgen08:13
mithromkurc: Originally it was used quite heavily to track the number of bits that still needed to be solved but has mostly fallen into disrepair08:13
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mithromkurc: With the focus on understanding bits for LiteX + VexRISCV, it might be worth resurrecting (or rewriting?)08:24
sf-slack2<mkurc> @mithro I'll look into that. I haven't had a chance to familiarize myself with that tool yet.08:25
nrossiwhoops, sorry08:51
nrossidaveshah: with regard to the prjtrellis pull request, when you refer to former you are referring to implementing the program lookup in prjtrellis correct?08:52
daveshahnrossi: yup08:53
daveshahUsing the code in icestorm that you linked to should be fine08:53
nrossidaveshah: ok, should i also include the boost version conditional on boost version or just stick with the local implementation always?08:54
daveshahMight as well have the boost version as an option too08:54
daveshahThat way it gets tested for when we can switch to it08:54
nrossiok, i think i will put all this code into a header file, that is included by the ecp* programs08:55
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sf-slack2<kgugala> @tmichalak this PR failed on Zynq db build (on fuzzer not related to the PR) https://github.com/SymbiFlow/prjxray/pull/85716:18
tpbTitle: Fixed fuzzer 007 to make it extract missing timings for FFs by mkurc-ant · Pull Request #857 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at github.com)16:18
sf-slack2<tmichalak> @kgugala I saw you rebased it on master, let's wait for the results and see if it's still the case16:48
sf-slack2<kgugala> yep16:48
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litghostacomodi: Can we raise the priority on finishing the warning suppression code?18:41
sf-slack2<acomodi> litghost: sure, I will deal with it before other issues then18:55
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