Thursday, 2019-04-18

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mithrolitghost: Does look okay?00:15
tpbTitle: 054-pip-fan-alt: add solution of BYP_ALT.GFAN PIPs by tmichalak · Pull Request #789 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
litghostNo idea, need data00:35
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litghostacomodi: There are still 3 outstanding review comments on that should be addressed14:20
tpbTitle: Improve the Verilog to XML conversion process by acomodi · Pull Request #316 · SymbiFlow/symbiflow-arch-defs · GitHub (at
sf-slack2<acomodi> litghost: I have added the update_golden target and commented the remaining review comments, where I think there should be no action involved14:53
sf-slack2<acomodi> action *required14:54
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mithrolitghost: Do we just want to land with my fixes?17:25
tpbTitle: Attempt to add threading support to VPR. by litghost · Pull Request #15 · SymbiFlow/conda-packages · GitHub (at
litghostmithro: If it's building, sure17:26
mithrolitghost: it seems to be for me?17:27
litghostmithro: Sure, go ahead17:27
litghostmithro: I believe you have more commits on top of 15 that made it work?17:27
mithrolitghost: Yes17:28
mithroacomodi: Can you move to the SymbiFlow folder and make it public?18:26
tpbTitle: Google Docs - create and edit documents online, for free. (at
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elmslitghost,kgugala: just FYI for ice40 timing I'm pursuing patching the xml after merging since there is currently no sim.v files for v2x (although mithro has a WIP PR with them started).18:51
mithroelms: Why not just edit the XML directly?18:51
elmsmithro: Manually enter the values? I'd still like to pull the values out of the SDF using a script18:52
mithroelms: Well, initially it might be better to just do it by hand?18:53
mithroSpecially if we end up going v2x on ice40?18:55
elmsmithro: Ahh I remember now too that the timing all depends on the final target device too. So hx1k has different timing to lp1k. Next pnr uses three timing models. I think icetime has a model for each18:57
mithroelms: You could add each with a "devce=xxx" attribute and then xsltproc during the merging to filter out the ones which don't match the current device...18:58
mithroelms: Might also be worth just doing only one device first and ignoring the others18:59
elmsmithro: what is the short term goal you think I should be focused on?18:59
mithroelms: I think having *some* data getting into vtr and looking at the quality...19:00
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mithroelms: We don't need arachne-pnr anywhere now, right?22:35
elmsmithro: that's my understanding22:36
mithroelms: Then lets merge right?22:37
tpbTitle: Remove arachne-pnr. by mithro · Pull Request #18 · SymbiFlow/conda-packages · GitHub (at
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elmskgugala: Question about SDF parser. for multiple triples the are labeled with 'fast' and'slow'  for IOPATH, but if I understand the spec I think these are for 0->1 and 1->0 transitions. Does the xc7 sdf have a different meaning?23:12

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