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tpbTitle: Slack Is Shutting Down Its IRC Gateway - Slashdot (at
sf-slack<risto.pejasinovic> I submitted my very early draft proposal. I have alot of research to do still. But I wanted to have something written ASAP so I can get your feedback and I can see my progress and holes in knowledge. Hopefully I did everything right and you can see my draft.00:56
sf-slack<mgielda> With the slack, talk about timing00:58
sf-slack<mgielda> We should probably set up Mattermost then00:58
hackerfooI suggest
sf-slack<mgielda> Matrix works too I guess. Are there any decent mobile apps?01:00
litghostCan I ask what's wrong with IRC?01:00
hackerfoolitghost: Try finding a good mobile app that doesn't cost $5/month.01:01
sf-slack<mgielda> Not everyone likes it that much, without going into details01:01
sf-slack<mgielda> And apps01:01
hackerfooSetting up a bouncer isn't easy.01:02
sf-slack<mgielda> Zephyr is struggling with similar issues BTW, choosing communication channels01:03
sf-slack<mgielda> They had IRC originally but switched to slack. Theres 400 users01:03
hackerfooAnyway, I've run my own Matrix home server for years now, and we use another one to bridge #proglangdesgn and a Discord server.01:03
hackerfoo* #proglangdesign01:03
hackerfooIt's much better than the Slack one because users are mapped 1-1.01:04
sf-slack<mgielda> Sounds good to me01:04
sf-slack<mgielda> France uses it, the entire government01:05
sf-slack<mgielda> 5mln people01:05
sf-slack<mgielda> It's a good stress test01:05
sf-slack<mgielda> I mean matrix here01:05
tpbTitle: GitHub - proglangdesign/ Configuration for the bridge between the /r/ProgrammingLanguages Discord,, and #proglangdesign on Freenode. (at
sf-slack<mgielda> @hackerfoo what app do you use for the matrix?01:06
hackerfooI'm not suggesting Discord though.01:06
sf-slack<mgielda> Ah Mattermost is not good anyway now I think of it. Setting up permissions is a paid feature, cos obviously only paying customers need this very arcane feature01:07
hackerfoomgielda: Riot for Android and web.01:07
sf-slack<mgielda> I investigated recently and its obviously the case of deliberately removing an important feature from the free version to get people to pay01:07
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sf-slack<mgielda> @hackerfoo a messaging app with 4.4 on Google play?01:08
sf-slack<mgielda> Wow01:08
hackerfooIt's pretty nice.01:09
sorearit has been [14] hours since the Matrix-to-IRC bridge last disconnected01:13
hackerfooAlso available on iOS and F-Droid.01:13
sf-slack<mgielda> Which bridge?01:13
mithroelms: May 15, 2018: Closed for all remaining workspaces.01:16
sorearhmm I thought there was only one, but I don't see hackerfoo having disconnected (all the [m] did)01:16
hackerfooMy bridge hasn't gone down for months. We could set up a homeserver for the project and it should be pretty stable.01:17
soreardo you run your own?01:17
hackerfooYeah, at sandbox.hackerfoo.com01:17
hackerfooThe homeserver and
tpbTitle: GitHub - matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc: Node.js IRC bridge for Matrix (at
sorearlast non-doc change in September, fun01:19
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ayumis13hello everyone!15:56
sf-slack<kgugala> hello ayumis1315:58
ayumis13I am undergraduate student from India. I was looking at the projects related to python and want to draft a proposal for gsoc 19. So wanted to ask how should i contribute to it? :)16:02
sf-slack<kgugala> You can start from reading through this page
sf-slack<kgugala> You can find there info about ideas for project and hot to write your gsoc application16:07
sf-slack<kgugala> *how to write16:08
ayumis13So all issues on the github page are GSOC project ideas or there are few of them reffering to this page
tpbTitle: Issues · SymbiFlow/ideas · GitHub (at
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sf-slack<risto.pejasinovic> I was looking into PS7 connections to fabric. It seems to me that only AXI interfaces are connected directly to PIPs in fabric. EMI-GPIO is going through IOPADs somehow. Am I wrong?18:45
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mithroduck2: Any chance you are around and have a couple of hours this weekend to code up an algorithm for me? Don't worry if you don't - it wouldn't negatively impact any GSoC stuff -- I however think I've come up with a way to directly import tilegrid+tileconn into vtr in matter of seconds and would like to see how it fails22:39
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mithroduck2: see and
tpbTitle: Tileconn - Google Drawings (at
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