Sunday, 2019-03-24

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duck2i made an incremental reader with libxml++ which can load rr_graph_xc7a50t_test.rr_graph.real.xml into a rrgraph-like struct00:30
duck2there are a few problems though00:32
duck2a) i saw ~800M of memory allocated for the struct, but the file itself is 990M. it also takes a long time: ~20 mins on my laptop with -O300:37
duck2b) libxml++ is awkward. i couldn't get my code to compile without using pkg-config which outputs 3 lines of include directories. there is also no dbg package for debian testing so i cannot profile it either.00:53
duck2for b) i think i will use plain libxml2 which is cmake friendly, uses byte arrays(not Glib::ustrings) and has a debug package. hopefully that will solve a). /update01:10
litghostduck2: That seems like a lot of memory.  Are you using packed structures?01:10
duck2not currently. i think the bulk of the memory comes from edges which all have a single-element vector of metadata attached to them. i wonder how flatbuffers handles this.01:18
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Mrwhat should i do11:54
sf-slack1<tmichalak> Mr: Hi, there are plenty of things you can do, depends on your skills or what you want to work on. Have a look at the issues in all symbiflow repositories and for starters look for issues tagged with `help wanted` and `good first issue`. For example here:
tpbTitle: Issues · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
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duck2litghost: i brought it down to 500M and ~40 secs. now i think you were right about reading directly into device_ctx. if edges indeed appear after nodes and switches, they all can be read in right off(no need for intermediate struct). the other rr_graph structures are so small that it takes effectively no memory to cache them(grid, segments, block_t21:33
duck2here is the standalone reader i've been working on:
tpbTitle: draft for rr_graph.xml reader with SAX · GitHub (at
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