Wednesday, 2019-03-13

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mithrolitghost: After 45a8af8d71c285e7115112c564e5d46b6c81dd97 I'm still seeing a whole bunch of removals bufg_xxx_r.db files?01:17
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litghostmithro: I don't think we care about the mask files, we aren't seeing the segbits disappear01:18
litghostmithro: Does the int_l change look correct, or an instability?01:21
mithro-INT_L.BYP_ALT4.GFAN0 20_23 !22_23 !23_23 24_23 !25_2301:21
mithro+INT_L.BYP_ALT4.GFAN0 !00_10 !00_11 !01_09 !01_10 01_14 20_23 !22_23 !23_23 24_23 !25_2301:21
litghostmithro: That's an instability :(  The GFAN0 -> X pips are relatively hard to reliably fuzz01:22
mithrolitghost: Any idea why the ppips_hclk_[r|l].db files are not getting generated?01:29
litghostmithro: I don't think hclk's have ever had ppips?01:33
mithrolitghost: The artix7/ppips_hclk_l.db file must have come from somewhere....01:34
litghostmithro: I'm pretty sure the ppip is wrong, and the pip should be
tpbTitle: prjxray-db/segbits_hclk_l.db at master · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Comparing SymbiFlow:master...mithro:master · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
litghostmithro: Looks good01:43
litghostmithro: Nothing obvious wrong with it01:43
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sf-slack1<mkurc> Does anybody know why prjxray Python scripts use `simplejson` which needs to be installed instead of `json` distributed with Python ?09:44
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duck2it's faster i guess, has native extensions10:56
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litghostmkurc: duck2 has it correct.15:14
sf-slack1<mkurc> Yep, thanks, already figured it out15:15
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elmslitghost: For a cleaner approach to iCE40 IO tiles I needed to make a change to genfasm.20:59
elmspretty minor, I'll push a PR in a few minutes20:59
mithrolitghost: Could we add INT_L.BYP_ALT1.GFAN0 to the dbf file to stabilize the INT_L fuzzer?21:47
litghostThat isn't what the dbf file does, so no22:03
mithroWhat does the dbf file do?22:05
litghostSets the zero groups22:07
mithroAny idea what dbf stands for?22:08
litghostI have no idea22:08
mithrolitghost: Does this look okay? ?22:29
tpbTitle: Comparing SymbiFlow:master...mithro:master · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
litghostmithro: Put up a PR, I think some of the README needs to be revised22:30
litghostmithro: But otherwise looks okay22:31
tpbTitle: Adding zybo swbut harness. by mithro · Pull Request #5 · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
mithrolitghost: The README is copied from the Artix 7 one
tpbTitle: prjxray-db/ at master · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
litghostmithro: That's the problem, some of it shouldn't be copied22:33
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mithrolitghost: Should I push that pull request?23:39

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