Saturday, 2019-03-02

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mithrolitghost: I think the mask_db are about which bits we have seen ever been set in that tile?00:06
mithrolitghost: I'm going to push -- seems to be pretty clean apart from the mask changes?00:11
tpbTitle: Comparing SymbiFlow:master...mithro:master · SymbiFlow/prjxray-db · GitHub (at
litghostmithro: Much better!00:11
litghostmithro: We should prioritize fixing that pushdb race fix00:12
mithroIs pushdb is a Python script?00:12
litghostmithro: Think so.  I think POSIX advisory locks would be good enough.  There are some libraries that handle the details, or we can use the py3 standard posix library00:13
litghostpy3 standard:
tpbTitle: 36.10. fcntl — The fcntl and ioctl system calls Python 2.7.16rc1 documentation (at
mithrolitghost: Yeah - I was just about to point to that00:14
litghostmithro: Something like might be better because it won't be quite a posix'y00:14
tpbTitle: filelock · PyPI (at
litghostmithro: But then another dependency :(00:15
mithroIt's unclear if you want flock or lockf00:16
mithroDoes anyone know what BRAM_ADDRARDADDRL11 means? ADDR_A_RD_ADDR_L11 ?00:32
litghostPort A lower bit 1100:37
litghostmithro: Why?00:38
mithroAhh - that was what I was missing, the port A / port B00:39
litghostARD is port A BWR is port B00:41
litghostport A is not required to be a read port, nor is port B required to be the write port00:42
litghostwhen in TDP00:42
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namanchikaraHello there everyone, I'm a GSoC applicant, I was going through How to work with us at : and found your suggestion about reading this -> first, although it's giving 404 error, please fix that :)16:43
sf-slack<kgugala> Hi namanchikara try this link
tpbTitle: SymbiFlow - the GCC of FPGAs (at
sf-slack<kgugala> (without slash at the end)16:46
namanchikaraOhh. Trailing /  ,  Thanks kguala!16:47
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sf-slack<mgielda> Fixed17:34
sf-slack<mgielda> Thanks for spotting17:35
sf-slack<mgielda> The links had the slash indeed17:35
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