Monday, 2019-02-18

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mithromkurc / litghost: Just pushed the latest build of the database for artix706:45
mithromkurc / litghost: It's a bit unclear to me on how to rebuild the harnesses...06:45
litghostmithro: Thanks!06:45
mithrolitghost: I was originally going to get the continuous builder to do it but got stuck behind some stuff06:46
litghostsource database/, then source minitests/roi_harness/, then make -C minitests/roi_harness copy HARNESS_FILES=<harness output directory>06:48
litghostmithro: New artix7 database files look good!06:56
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mithrolitghost / others: I pushed an updated zynq db too10:27
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mithroLooks like the database htmlgen output is borked16:33
tpbTitle: X-Ray ARTIX7 Database (at
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litghostmithro: Want to file an issue with replication instructions?  I'm not sure how htmlgen is executed18:56
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