Tuesday, 2019-02-12

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mithroI didn't get to the make retry fix or getting Kokoro setup on Arch-Defs today08:50
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elmsoops early enter. fasm question: are routing and buffers designated destination.src? is that a convention or for a specific reason?22:51
litghostYa, it's tile.dest.src22:52
litghostThe original idea was potential to have enum like things, e.g. tile.dest = src22:52
litghostwhere src is an enum of possibilities22:52
litghostThis is now being handled via the zero bit groups22:53
litghostregardless, the convention has stayed22:53
elmsok I can stick to it for iCE40. The icestorm organization tends to be src first.22:54
elmsicestorm is also using '/' in names. It's not supported in FASM currently. Any thoughts on adding as an allowed character?22:56
litghostExample?  I'm pretty sure we don't want to allow '/'23:00
elmsicesotrm has lutff_7/out and similar. I could replace with and make it lutff_7_out. is there a specific reason to disallow it? I could see it being slightly confusing, but wasn't sure if there is more23:04
litghostThe conventional replacement would be luff_7.out23:09
litghostDepending on what lutff_7/out is23:09
litghostIs it an output enable feature?23:09
litghostOr a mux select?23:09
elmsit's the output wire from the 7th lutff23:11
elmsthere are also lutff_[0-7]/in_[0-3]23:11
litghostSo lutff_7/out would appear in a FASM directive at all, unless you have a pip going to or from it?23:13
litghostWhat would be an example feature directive using either the out or in wires?23:14
elmsI guess that't what I'm tying to make sure I follow convention. e.g. LOGIC_TILE_X6_Y8.LOCAL_G1_7.LUTFF_7/OUT23:18
litghostYa, that would be LOGIC_TILE_X6_Y8.LOCAL_G1_7.LUTFF_7_OUT23:20
litghostI think it would be confusing to have '/' for 'Identifier' s23:20
litghostIt mixes hierarchy23:21
elmssounds good. Thanks23:21

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