Friday, 2019-02-01

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mithrolitghost: You about?02:19
mithronats`: ping?02:35
mithronats`: I've almost got the CI stuff working but the current verbosity of output makes it impossible to see what is going on, hence I'm going to take a crack and making it more readable and was pondering the junit stuff too03:23
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kgugalathanks mithro06:11
kgugalaactually it's acomodi who deserved the biggest piece of the cake06:11
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acomodiCake's on me then ;)08:10
acomodiBut I think everyone deserves a huge bite of that08:11
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nats`hi mithro14:46
nats`I started something but I'll have to be off for at least one more week I have a lot to do in "real life" youknow that stupid game when you can die etc..... :D14:46
nats`so feel free to do anything I'll adapt when i'm back14:47
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