Wednesday, 2019-01-30

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mithroJust FYI - I pushed an updated version of the prjxray-db files06:45
mithroGoing to do another database run now07:07
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sxpertthere, have installed it all12:38
sxpertnow where do I find a tutorial ;)12:39
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mithroHi sxpert! What are you trying to do?22:30
sxpertmithro: I am embarking in re-creating an hp48 ;)22:30
sxpertgot my first module to work...22:31
sxpertso tonight, I have a 64 bit wide nibble mask generator, entirely combinatorial22:35
sxpertnext, I need a roll left module22:39
sxpertthe nible mask gen is all tested with iverilog, should be fine22:44
mithrosxpert: If you are looking for more "getting started with FPGAs" type activities, I would probably recommend the ##openfpga channel or #yosys channel - this one is more focused on the development of the SymbiFlow project23:15
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