Sunday, 2019-01-27

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wingman2so i watched the lca talk00:55
wingman2and apparently you guys want volunteers00:56
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whatnickping daveshah06:23
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wingman2mithro: you were looking for someone who can do docker?12:09
wingman2i haven't done docker but i have done lxc, libvirt-lxc, network debian installs, debian installs by hand (debootstrap)12:14
wingman2and i wrote some scripts for makeing containers with a shared squashfs and overlays12:16
wingman2I guess I should say that it's not that I haven't done docker, it's just I looked at it in 2014 and decided I didn't need it.12:21
wingman2But if you guys just need to be able to generate a debian image with gnome, a vnc server and the latest symbiflow builds from git it shouldn't be that hard12:28
tpbTitle: junit-xml ยท PyPI (at
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robaragoHi, sorry if I bother you. Do you think it would be technically feasible to make a DDR3 hat for an ECP3 FPGA. i.e. using the VERSA connectors?16:27
robaragosorry, I meant ECP516:27
daveshahrobarago: using pin headers for DDR3 is not likely to be successful; DDR3 is a pretty fussy interface16:28
daveshahI did make an SDRAM hat though16:28
tpbTitle: GitHub - daveshah1/ecp5-hat: SoC hat for ECP5 Versa & EVN boards (at
robaragoThank you, Dave. Yes, I was afraid of that answer. So, DDR3 must be always on the same PCB or use a dedicated connector, isn't it? Thank you, yes, your alternative is the best (SDRAM)17:01
daveshahrobarago: Yes, that would certainly be advisible. FWIW the Versa has DDR3 onboard already17:02
robaragoYes, I know. But I wanted to know if an affordable platform like the LFE5UM5G-85F-EVN could be upgraded in some features like fast memory or PCI-E as a module. The ECP5 Versa is half the size, sadly.17:08
robaragoI suppose I want it all, like everybody ;-)17:08
daveshahYou might also be able to get DDR1 working on the pin headers, at least at lower speeds17:10
daveshahalthough you'd need to change VccIO to 2.5V for that17:11
robaragoOK, I see17:13
robaragoThanks again17:13
robaragoMaybe I'd try your SDRAM hat if I finally go for the LFE5UM5G-85F-EVN. I like modularity the most17:14
daveshahIt's a very nice board barring the lack of memory...17:14
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