Saturday, 2019-01-19

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litghostI just double checked my latest run, and 072 still has the same sha1sum as before00:19
litghostSo ya, something changed00:19
nats`yep I'm trying to find what by rerun an old run00:25
nats`can you check the 07400:26
nats`because I can't00:26
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nats`IIRc you check the 074 output00:26
nats`[email protected]:~/Documents$ wc -l bad_downhill_wires.txt00:59
nats`21760000 bad_downhill_wires.txt00:59
nats`[email protected]:~/Documents$ wc -l downhill_wires.txt00:59
nats`22002368 downhill_wires.txt00:59
nats`somehow I miss some line !00:59
nats`oky it's the last block01:04
nats`it's not merged in !01:04
nats`ahhhh I found the rror !01:05
nats`it triggers when the total number of item is a multiple of the integer part of the split !01:06
nats`modBlocks = itemcount % nbBlocks <= the problem is here01:10
nats`I'll correct it in 07401:11
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nats`litghost, corrected for 072 I have the good sha1 on artix 702:01
nats`if you could run one for kintex it would be cool02:01
nats`I make a patch for the 07402:01
nats`I'll do a split PR since it's a different problem02:01
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nats`time to go to bed !02:39
nats`litghost, I made two PR, one for the 072 modular argument and the other to correct fuzzer 074 on the same bug02:39
mithronats`: Have a good night!03:32
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nats`morning chan10:04
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mithroIf anyone is at 2019 I have FPGA Tomu boards and other give aways for people!20:38
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