Thursday, 2019-01-17

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nats`mithro, no problem it's cool the project is fun and people are really great !I learn a lot so my pleasure :)09:02
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nats`litghost, I patched the run_fuzzer python I'll push21:19
litghostSounds good21:19
nats`still I'm wondering for the order of thread21:24
nats`I used map but it's still not in order21:24
nats`is it normal ?21:24
nats`ohh last question21:25
nats`by default do you want vivado to output all message or should I hid them to not clutter the terminal ?21:26
litghostLet's get the PR pulled and do further refinements then21:26
litghostthe current PR has lots of value as is21:26
nats`oky I push21:28
nats`should I squash before ?21:28
nats`or do you want to review before ?21:28
litghostsquash now, if you have your changes in21:29
nats`oky :)21:30
nats`uhh litghost how to rebase squash when in the middle I merged the upstream to be up to date ?21:37
nats`is it even possible ?21:37
nats`pick 517ad6c fuzzers: 074: fix path to generate_after_dump21:37
nats`pick 47f8f6e fuzzers: int_loop: create empty DB also in seeded target21:37
nats`pick e1b9ab5 Increase N for NFFMUX and NOUTMUX to prevent false matches.21:37
nats`pick 89bf011 Accumulate all missing features, rather than stopping on first failure.21:37
nats`pick e525def fuzzers: Copy all the db files to build/database21:37
nats`pick 051693b Increase N to prevent including INT bits.21:37
nats`pick d9026ba fuzzers: 001: fix yaml/json file names21:37
nats`pick 4ba4c6b Add retries to bidirection PIP fuzzer.21:37
nats`pick dc06006 Fix copy/paste error, no such var as myff.21:37
nats`pick 63b3971 Move 1-time part of loop out of loop.21:37
nats`pick f057847 PR #526 Integration thread parameters in Makefile before squash21:37
nats`pick 7742a8e PR cosmetic fix21:37
nats`sorry wrong copy pasta21:37
tpbTitle: [VIM] squash - (at
litghostSorry, rephrase?21:39
nats`I have my commit but in the middle I have commit from upstream21:41
nats`if I rebase/squash I'll squash also ccommit from other people no ?.21:41
nats`wow !21:46
nats`I can simply change order in the commit list when rebasing !21:47
nats`is it true oO21:47
litghostnats: Yes, you can change the order21:47
litghostIn order to avoid pulling in other commits, rebase on master first21:48
nats`I'm not sure what that means21:49
litghostRun "git rebase master"21:50
litghostCleanup any merge conflicts, etc21:50
litghostthe run "git rebase -i master"21:50
litghostand squash as needed21:50
nats`uhhhhmmmmm I may have broken something :] I'll reclone a fresh one and apply patch21:54
litghostyou can always run "git rebase --abort" if you get lost21:55
nats`uhhhmmmm it's more complicated and I think you'll laugh21:56
nats`I forgot to enter -i21:56
nats`so it did sort of a fast forward rebase21:56
litghostlol, ya21:56
nats`but not really what I planned21:56
nats`I see it in reflog but it's messy21:56
nats`I'll try to make a fresh one21:57
nats`to be honnest git is scary for me21:57
litghostThere are resources for getting a better understanding.  Git isn't too scary, and once you understand how to use reset/branches to protect yourself, you can basically never lose work22:05
nats`sure now that i participate in a big project with people I'll certainly spend sometime on that topic22:06
nats`I was pretty happy with my svnish use of it when alone22:07
nats`litghost, I think I got myself out of problem but I would like to be careful how should I process, if I push force on my git it can't break anything on master repo ?22:18
litghostyou lack write access to the master repo22:22
litghostIn general when force push-ing, specific both the target remote and target branch22:22
litghoste.g. "git push <target remote> <target branch> --force22:22
nats`sure, let's hope github will not play smart and display garbage everywhere like in previous PR :D22:23
nats`litghost, can you look at that I don't like there are few commit with you me and me in author field...22:30
tpbTitle: Commits · natsfr/prjxray · GitHub (at
litghostYou should be able to squash that?22:31
nats`but those are your commit not mine22:32
nats`why does it appears on my name ?22:32
litghostNot sure22:34
litghostAh, have you been copying my signoff message by any change?22:34
nats`nop maybe changing commit order break something ?22:34
litghost"Signed-off-by: Keith Rothman <[email protected]>"22:34
litghostNot sure then22:34
nats`uhhmm ok so next step I clone from the main repo apply patch then squash22:35
nats`so it'll not have all this mess I created by fetching merge in the middle22:35
nats`oky litghost I think I fixed things22:47
nats`you can take a look22:47
nats`thanks for the night long test litghost  :)22:58
nats`I'll wait for your test before cleaning the 072 because we may move the worker function in after that23:00
nats`oky time to go to bed for me23:05
nats`have a good night I'll try to not dream about git hell :)23:05

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