Sunday, 2019-01-13

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digshadownats`: I see your pr was merged. Great work! That should significantly improve our build process10:57
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somlodaveshah: ping13:26
daveshahsomlo: pong13:26
somloline 107 of the new libtrellis/tools/ecppll.cpp (name, description) is leftover cut'n'paste from ecpunpack :)13:26
daveshahoops, thanks13:27
somlohappy to help :)13:27
nats`thanks digshadow :)13:47
nats`currently working on the same for 07413:47
nats`if we could get all the 07x fuzzer run in less than 1.5 hour that would be cool13:47
nats`and on all machine too13:47
nats`it's hard to require more than 16GB ram to run them :)13:48
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