Monday, 2019-01-07

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mithroMorning everyone!14:53
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mithronats`: Happy to chat nowish if you want14:55
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tpbTitle: tilegrid: automatically generate number of frames · Issue #444 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
digshadowgot a chance to write up my proposal15:41
digshadowplease check that out when you get some time and see if that looks of interest. This should simplify adding IP blocks to tilegrid15:41
noopwafelthat looks very doable and v.easy to check15:48
digshadowcool :)16:06
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digshadownats`: fyi I'm doing a big rename right now22:08
digshadowheads up: major prjxray rename pull request:
tpbTitle: fuzzers: name with tile type by mcmasterg · Pull Request #448 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
digshadownoopwafel, nats` you will want to rebase when this is merged22:24
nats`a good occasion to learn how to rebase :D22:25
noopwafelACK :)22:25
digshadownoopwafel: although if you are messing just with tilegrid it might not effect you (I didn't rename that)22:25
nats`maybe you should the need to install vivado 2017.2 in top of the readme22:27
nats`because it's so long it should be run before everything else :D22:27
nats`Step 1:22:28
nats`Install Vivado 2017.2.22:28
nats`with a highlight should I say22:28
mithrodigshadow: Did my suggestion of splitting things into pips and non-pips make sense?22:28
nats`mentionning 2017.2 is mandatory because i'm pretty sure everybody will take at best the last 201722:28
digshadownats`: is there something you think could be clarified in the readme22:29
nats`yep that 2017.2 is mandatory22:30
nats`I mean it's not highlighted22:30
nats`so I think people will just get the 2017.4 since on xilinx website you have to specifically go to archive22:30
nats`it's not that important but the install is so long that it could be boring22:31
nats`basically something like "2017.2 only because all other version are known to be non working"22:31
nats`maybe with the link to the bug report22:31
digshadownats`: I originally had the link to the bug report in there, but IMHO it just clutters up the readme22:40
mithrodigshadow: Should the tile type be `int` rather than `pip`?22:40
nats`fair enough22:40
nats`so maybe only making it more clear that 2017.2 is the only one supported22:41
digshadowI wouldn't be opposed to some emphasis verbage, but if user defies the readme, then *shrug*22:41
digshadowmithro: eh maybe. I was thinking the name in general might not be great22:41
digshadowwe have other int as well possibly, so wasn't sure if that was vague as well22:41
digshadowtoday they were named "pip" so I just rolled with that22:41
mithrodigshadow: It is unclear to me if these are targeting more than just the INT tiles?22:41
sorearare you talking about the version of vivado which is targeted by the fuzzer?22:41
digshadowsorear: yeah22:41
mithroI think saying that Vivado 2017.2 is required is probably a good addition22:42
digshadowmithro: it does say that...?22:43
digshadowstep 1: "Install Vivado 2017.2"22:43
mithrodigshadow: Being explicit that it is *exactly* 2017.2 and not "implicitly" 2017.2 or later version is helpful22:44
digshadowsure, thats what I meant by clarifying verbage22:44
mithroGreat first patch for someone :-P22:45
mithrodigshadow: If I do a db build at the moment, it should be expected to run all the way to the end, right?22:46
digshadowmithro: maybe? I just renamed a ton of stuff22:47
mithrodigshadow: Well, I'm actually running just before your rename22:47
digshadowFYI there is a known issue on VCC wires22:48
digshadowit might complete, but the database will be known bad22:48
nats`<mithro> Great first patch for someone :-P <= My job is done I can go away in peace like the greatest Samourai :D22:48
tpbTitle: Broken VCC_WIRE entries in database · Issue #440 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
nats`someone can buy a decent ethernet link for Xilinx ?22:53
nats`they are hosted on an ADSL...22:53

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