Sunday, 2019-01-06

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mithroMorning! I see a whole bunch of pull requests!17:40
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digshadowhey mithro18:23
digshadowmithro: what are your thoughts on me fixing issues like
tpbTitle: tilegrid: BRAM breaks on full part · Issue #342 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
digshadowthis is something that isn't causing an issue right now, but will eventually18:24
digshadowmight be a good beginner issue though18:25
digshadowthink I should close it out or save it for someone to work on18:25
mithrodigshadow: I'm not sure?18:25
noopwafelit did look like a relatively nice beginner issue18:28
digshadownoopwafel: would you be interested to take it?18:28
noopwafelI'd be interested in making an attempt18:29
noopwafelas long as it's not critical-path18:29
digshadowNot on the critical path in the near term, but I think its going to bite us at some point18:30
digshadowIs it something you'd be interested to work on now?18:30
digshadowI could help you get started18:30
noopwafelso a high-level view of what you're thinking of would be nice18:34
digshadownoopwafel: I'll add some suggestions to the ticket18:36
noopwafelI took a look at it the other day but I guess it's silly to think I can jump into it w/o asking questions.18:38
digshadowquestions are encouraged :)18:39
digshadowAnything I can clarify?18:39
mithrodigshadow: Maybe concentrate on making it easier for people to get into it?18:46
digshadowmithro: commenting on the ticket would be a good start18:49
noopwafelI think if you can add suggestions to the ticket it would help; the new IOB tilegrid fuzzer / fuzzaddr code seems like it should be understandable, but it's still quite a .. blob :)18:49
digshadowwe can convert this to a readme18:49
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digshadownoopwafel: still working on the writeup19:23
digshadowthere is a smaller enhancement that would make it easier to add things that might be a good starting place19:23
digshadowlet me write a ticket19:23
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noopwafelthat would be great19:40
digshadowOut of battery19:50
noopwafelheh :)19:51
digshadowWell I did the brain dump on tile grid19:51
digshadowIt could be cleaned up I'm sure but hopefully that will at least be a start19:51
digshadowIf you can give that a look over and let me know if that helps19:52
noopwafelit does19:52
noopwafelI hacked up top to instantiate a RAMB18E1 so I'm .. somewhere near the top of the list there :)19:54
noopwafelthank you!19:54
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