Saturday, 2018-12-29

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digshadowGuzTech: hi, this is john about the prjxray issue10:44
digshadowAre you at CCC by chance? Would make it easy to troubleshoot10:44
GuzTechHi John10:44
GuzTechUnfortunately no :(10:44
digshadowAh okay, no worries10:44
GuzTechI couldnt find any hotel with decent prices when the ticket sales began so...10:44
GuzTechWhy does it always start so late?10:45
* digshadow shrug10:45
GuzTechAh anyway10:45
digshadowOkay, so to recap: 1) you are using latest master symbiflow/prjxray 2) you are using artix7 3) you are using vivado 2017.210:46
GuzTechI searched in the tilegrid.json file and the IOB33S string appears 96 times, and yes I'm using Vivado 2017.2.10:46
GuzTechLet me triple checck10:46
digshadowFWIW we just made a small change to how the vivado environment works yesterday10:46
tpbTitle: introduce vivado wrapper by felixheld · Pull Request #416 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
GuzTechYes, thanks to that I can get to the next step which is to run the fuzzers.10:47
GuzTechI could do it before, but then I had to first build with cmake and *then* source the vivado settings file.10:48
digshadowout of curiosity, which OS are you using?10:48
GuzTechI'm on the latest master, using Vivado 2017.2 and sourced the artix7 settings file.10:48
GuzTechArch Linux10:48
digshadowgood to know. FWIW I'm not sure if its been run on arch before, although I don't know of any specific issues that would cause10:49
daveshahI've run parts of X-Ray on Arch before without problem10:49
digshadowjust a sec...10:49
GuzTechEspecially with Python related stuff I've noticed that running the newest packages can cause issues.10:50
GuzTechFor example, in the virtualenv requirements.txt, the latest pyjson5 (v0.4.5) does not build here.10:50
GuzTechIt's a known bug and the author actually has a pull request that fixes it, so I manually applied it and installed it here.10:50
GuzTechStuff like that happens on Arch with Python stuff unfortunately.10:51
digshadowOkay, noted10:51
digshadowah I just remembered10:51
digshadowthis is the tilegrid fuzzer, not a fuzzer using tilegrid10:52
digshadowit does not use the main tilegrid.json10:52
GuzTechYeah, I don't know what the problem is exactly.11:02
GuzTechIf it helps, the iob/build/specimen_001/top.v file is empty.11:04
GuzTechCan't really synthesize an empty file and fix the IOB.11:04
digshadowsorry getting distracted11:11
digshadowI need to fix something, be back11:11
digshadowGuzTech: I'm preparing a debug output for you to run11:14
tpbTitle: gist:8892dcb6b9f712d39e9d95729362c810 · GitHub (at
digshadowI've added a small bit of debug info there11:16
digshadowlets see if your DB path looks reasonable, and see if you can see *any* sites11:16
digshadowWhen you looked at tilegrid.json before, which one did you look at? The correct one is 005-tilegrid/build/basicdb/tilegrid.json11:17
GuzTechYup that's the one.11:17
GuzTechI posted the output on the gist11:18
GuzTechIt seems that it cannot find IOB33S11:18
digshadowthanks looking11:35
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GuzTechI'll be gone for like an hour. Just so you know12:22
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digshadowGuzTech: since I'm at CCC prjxray table I'm getting a lot of people coming up12:32
digshadowI'll keep poking as I can, but I'll probably keep getting distracted12:32
digshadowGuzTech: other things that could go wrong...maybe something wrong with the ROI. Could try echoing the variables on the comment:
tpbTitle: gist:8892dcb6b9f712d39e9d95729362c810 · GitHub (at
digshadowif all of those look good, probably the next option would be to start playing with the python code to figure out why its dropping the entries12:41
digshadowcould you print out a list of all sites that it has and send that to me?12:41
digshadowGuzTech: I can help with that if its not easy12:41
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GuzTechI'm back.13:04
GuzTechYeah I understand, no worries :)13:04
GuzTechOk, the environment variables are different.13:05
GuzTechThe part is correct.13:05
GuzTechecho $XRAY_ROI -> SLICE_X0Y100:SLICE_X35Y149 RAMB18_X0Y40:RAMB18_X0Y59 RAMB36_X0Y20:RAMB36_X0Y29 DSP48_X0Y40:DSP48_X0Y5913:05
GuzTechNo IOBs are in there as in your output, so that's probably the reason why.13:06
GuzTechAnd echo $XRAY_ROI_GRID_X1 gives 9 instead of 0 as in your case.13:06
GuzTechWhich makes sense since they are not in the artix7 settings file.13:07
GuzTechWeird, it is in the repo on github and I'm on the latest master.13:09
GuzTechdigshadow: Ok, I've found the issue. I used the script which points to a repo of mithro. So the settings file I'm sourcing is his file which apparently is much older and does not contain the IOBs.13:11
GuzTechI'm not getting the IndexError anymore, but I now I get some file not found error. I'm looking into that right now.13:29
GuzTechOk, so it's looking for the database/artix7/xc7a50tfgg484-1.yaml file, which does not exist in my checkout.13:52
digshadowGuzTech: aaaaah yeah13:54
digshadowthat makes sense. Hmm we need to enhance README notes about that13:54
* digshadow pounds on keyboard13:57
GuzTechYeah, now I understand why you guys need help :P13:58
GuzTechGetting started can already be a pain :P13:58
GuzTechNot that I'm blaming you guys, don't get me wrong.13:58
GuzTechThe only project that I got working immediately and easily was the Nyuzi processor. You check it out with the compiler, it builds everything with one script, and you can even run the processor in either qemu or iverilog and play Doom on it.13:59
GuzTechMy mind was blown at how much it did and how easy it was to set up :O13:59
digshadowGuzTech: just made some updates to the readme to hopefully clarify. Working on modifying download latest to be more friendly14:30
GuzTechI was looking how to make sure everything also works under zsh (which I'm using by default).14:31
GuzTechWhere is the database/artix7/xc7a50tfgg484-1.yaml created?14:32
GuzTechAh in 001-part-yaml *doh*14:37
GuzTechThat means that developers should first run that one, then if they want the others.14:38
digshadowGuzTech: I'm working on fixing "download latest database" to be more friendly14:41
GuzTechAnd the whole cmake build stuff is already in the toplevel Makefile. You can just do "make build" :)14:41
digshadowGuzTech: I pushed the README update. Would you be interested in a PR to simplify it?14:48
digshadowah no14:48
digshadowyou don't want to do that14:48
digshadowthat will take a very long time14:48
digshadowbecause it would build *everything*14:48
digshadowoh just make build14:49
digshadowI see14:49
GuzTechYup, just the cmake build stuff.14:49
digshadowGuzTech: would you like to submit a doc update?14:49
digshadowcool :)14:49
GuzTechIf I can get everything working first :P14:49
GuzTechI just did 001-part-yaml and then 005-tilegrid, but it still complains that it cannot find the part yaml file in the database.14:50
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GuzTechIf I do make pushdb in 001-part-yaml manually, then it copies the yaml file.14:52
GuzTechThe Makefile for 001-part-yaml seems correct, and I am using bash for this.14:53
GuzTechSo just running make in 001-part-yaml does not work.14:54
digshadowGuzTech: you did "make run" or "make"?15:01
digshadowmake run will push it, make will not15:01
GuzTechI ran make.15:02
GuzTechLooking at the toplevel Makefile in fuzzers/ it appears that I should run "make run" like you said.15:03
digshadowGuzTech: I just merged in a cleaner "download latest"15:05
digshadowif you give that a try it should preserve the settings.sh15:05
digshadowalso filed
tpbTitle: Move out of database dir · Issue #421 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
GuzTechok, I'll try it right now15:07
GuzTechOk, now that I've run "make run" in 001-part-yaml, I have run 005-tilegrid successfully.15:21
GuzTechI'll try the latest download version15:21
GuzTechYup, with the latest downloaded version it also works!15:49
GuzTechdigshadow: What would you like me to add to the documentation?15:50
GuzTechWhat you have now works just fine.15:50
GuzTechI could add the pyjson5 compiler error stuff on Arch and Fedora.15:50
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digshadowGuzTech: I pr that said to run "make build"17:17
digshadowinstead of cmake blah blah17:17
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GuzTechdigshadow: Ok, I've updated and created a PR.18:40
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BryceSchroederSo I just ordered an LFE5UM5G-85F dev board. I got it intending to mess around with project Trellis and maybe (as time permits) even find some way to help out. However I just found out that the Lattice Diamond license that comes with it is a time-limited subscription?! Like, what the heck, it's already bound to that one device isn't it? So my question is20:15
BryceSchroederhow effective is that time-limited part20:15
BryceSchroederdo I need to wait until I am sure I have plenty of free time to mess with it20:16
BryceSchroederor can I go ahead and install it now without worrying about it expiring efficaciously?20:16
daveshahYes, it's a year's license. It's not device bound though, it works for any license locked Lattice part20:16
daveshahI suspect Trellis will be pretty good in a year's time though20:17
BryceSchroederThat's good - I'm mainly interested in the DSP tiles20:17
BryceSchroederas something to see progress in. I'm a medical student about to start my surgery rotation though, so I can't spend too much time working with this now;20:18
BryceSchroederI just kinda bought it because I heard about it on a 35CC talk.20:18
daveshahDSP are still very incomplete20:18
daveshahI would love help with them20:18
BryceSchroederSo I guess it would be better to go ahead and do what I can now, and count on the FOSS tools being good by the time my license expires anyway?20:19
BryceSchroederAnyway, thanks for your input. I really appreciate the good work being done by this project. I had just been ignoring FPGAs as a thing until icestorm because I couldn't stand the development tool model in the FPGA world20:22
BryceSchroederI had like one FPGA dev kit in college and after what a pain in the butt its software and licensing was20:23
BryceSchroederI was like "fine, FPGAs just haven't been invented yet for my purposes."20:23
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