Friday, 2018-12-28

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thardinthe xml stuff seems low-hanging. do the tools not even use libexpat?12:58
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mithrodigshadow: Looks like you are getting some nontrivial patches?17:40
digshadowmithro: a larger than expected group showed up17:42
mithrodigshadow: That is good I assume?17:42
mithroOr do you need some wrangling help?17:42
digshadowmithro: we sort of lost some people due to overloading, but I got their contact info17:46
digshadowhopefully will talk to them tomorrow17:46
* felix_ ended up pushing his first patch for prjxray :)18:47
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digshadowmithro: my bag came! Maybe I'll setup a basys demo tomorrow22:40

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