Tuesday, 2018-12-25

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digshadowmithro: some of the images are difficult using my phone in portrait mode02:52
mithrodigshadow: Not really worried too much about mobile I guess?02:57
* digshadow shrug02:58
digshadowFor sure I'm not the best person to ask about designing nice websites02:58
digshadowIf it's for existing developers less important.02:59
digshadowIf you are trying to attract people reading on the train less so03:00
digshadowMore so03:01
mithroJenkins build is back to normal : prjxray-quick #9903:15
mithrodigshadow: I expect that mgielda[m] will probably fix it up03:15
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digshadowmithro: did ignorecrc stuff break?13:52
digshadowI was partially holding off that on the hopes that we could get jenkins stabalized, but its been dragging on for a while13:52
mithrodigshadow: I think the builder might have fun out of disk space again?19:24
mithrodigshadow: Not sure what is up with jenkins, seems like the quick builds are fine20:10
mithrodigshadow: But the full builds seem broken?20:10
mithroHeading to the airport now!20:13
daveshahmithro: Thanks for the quick merge! Can't remember if I mentioned to you guys that I made last minute plans to come to 35c3, so see you on the 27th!20:13
mithrodaveshah: No you didn't!20:14
mithrodaveshah: It'll be great to see you again20:14
mithrodaveshah: Appreciate feedback on the website, it was a quick hack to just get something that was a bit better than a plain text page :-P20:14
daveshahLooks nice, I think long term it could do with more from an end user point of view.20:16
daveshahBasically pointing new users towards icestorm & tinyfpga etc for now20:16
mithro Yeah20:18

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