Friday, 2018-12-21

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digshadowhunh interesting05:51
digshadowwell this system did have a bad motherboard that was replaced recently05:51
digshadowits possible there are other issues05:51
digshadowI ran memtest on it for a while though and seems like its fine, but maybe a good time to recheck05:51
digshadowstill a bargain for $200 though :)05:52
digshadow(motherboard + CPU + RAM only)05:52
tpbTitle: part: use python3 to fix import error by JohnDMcMaster · Pull Request #379 · SymbiFlow/prjxray · GitHub (at
digshadowDCO status is stuck06:13
mithrodigshadow: So, it looks to me like jenkins is failing on 050-intpips but it unclear to me why?16:59
digshadowmithro: I have a few issues here17:30
digshadowfiling tickets17:30

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