Thursday, 2018-12-06

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mithrodigshadow: After manually patching those two pips, the db ran all the way to the end21:26
mithrodigshadow: However, were the masks for the dsp and bram suppose to disappear?21:36
digshadowI didn't think dsp has been in the build?21:37
digshadowWould have to double check21:37
mithro artix7/mask_bram_l.db                       |   8232 --21:38
mithro artix7/mask_bram_r.db                       |   8237 --21:38
mithrodigshadow: Should the mask files end in the following;22:12
mithrobit 05_3122:13
mithrobit <022:13
mithrobit candidates>22:13

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