Tuesday, 2018-12-04

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digshadowmithro: did you kick off a build06:05
mithrodigshadow: yes06:05
mithrodigshadow: How many specimen's should should 050-intpips take?06:05
digshadowokay, I'm going to merge the IOB DB update then06:05
mithrodigshadow: ~200? or exactly?06:06
digshadowyes. Whats it at?06:06
mithroapproximately 200, or exactly 200?06:06
digshadowexactly 20006:06
digshadowcat Makefile06:06
digshadowyou should see N=200 or something like that06:06
mithrookay, only 2606:07
digshadowits done 26 / 200?06:07
digshadowyeah you have a ways to go :P06:07
mithroN := 20006:07
digshadowmithro: has it exploded yet17:04
mithrodigshadow: nope, seems to be running N=200 right now17:04
digshadowhmm, IIRC that took about 4 hours on my server17:05
digshadowwhat specimen is it up to?17:06
digshadowoh I was doing -j17:06
digshadowI presume you are doing -j 1?17:06
mithroI didn't run any -j17:11
mithroJust typed make17:11
digshadowi'll submit a patch for 076 today to make it run at the end17:13
digshadowthis should make -j safe again for full runs17:13
mithrodigshadow: Currently up to 056-rempips22:16
digshadowlooking at ways to serialize the build at that step. A few options, but nothing I super like yet22:20
digshadowserialize 07422:20

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