Tuesday, 2016-08-09

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jef79mIs there an ical version of the schedule this year?22:34
MarkusHjef79m: the closes there is is http://schedule.pycon-au.org/22:40
tpbTitle: Pycon AU 2016 Mobile Programme (at schedule.pycon-au.org)22:40
jef79mthanks MarkusH22:40
jef79mand tpb22:40
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MarkusH👋  r1chardj0n3s22:41
jef79mis everyone pumped? MarkusH how was the flight?22:47
r1chardj0n3sjust FYI I'm only monitoring this room for mentions, most converstions are going on in slack22:48
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MarkusHjef79m: pleasant :)23:01
MarkusHfancy airline + fancy planes, jef79m23:01

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