Monday, 2016-05-23

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praetorianwhere are people saying at in general?01:40
praetoriani know chrisjrn is most likely staying at hte hilton.01:40
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hawkowlhow long are people staying? cc freakboy3742, chrisjrn03:06
hawkowli was thinking Thu 11 - Thu 1803:06
freakboy3742hawkowl: I ship out on the Tuesday evening.03:07
freakboy3742I get in on the Thursday afternoon.03:07
hawkowli might stay the extra few days anyway03:08
hawkowli haven't had a holiday in years :P03:08
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FunkyBobhey... just tried (twice) to pay for my ticket, and it was declined04:11
FunkyBobno reason given.. it's certainly not lack of funds04:12
hawkowlfwiw mine went through fine an hour ago04:12
FunkyBobhi, hawky04:12
FunkyBobkandinski: see?04:12
chrisjrnhawkowl: I'm in Thursday, not sure when I'm heading out04:15
hawkowlchrisjrn I've booked thurs-thurs04:49
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kandinskiFunkyBob: mine went through to well05:32
kandinskihi hawkowl05:32
kandinskiI can see!05:32
FunkyBobno idea what was going on... my wife managed to make the payment05:33
kandinskiwe like her better05:33
kandinskithat's it05:33
kandinskipure gaslighting05:34
FunkyBobcan't say I blame you05:34
praetoriani thin i may get in on monday, and leave the following wednesday06:08
praetorianif i can get work to let me work from melbourne office ^^06:09
praetorianthere was a nice apartment in docklands for $191 a night, two bedroom i saw.. tempting, but have to find someone to share.06:09
FunkyBobit's just a train ride for me...06:11
FunkyBobthough the experience loses something, I think, in going home each night06:13
praetorianit does, i remember what sydney was like06:25
praetorianon the upside, if im im melbourne a week... thats plentiful drinking time06:27
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FunkyBobyeah, that was a nice thing at the brisvegas one...06:33
FunkyBobevenings with folks06:33
praetorianapparently my MD spends all his time at crown, so i should go and find out how it is there too =P06:35
praetorianwonder if tyson is going along to pycon.06:35
FunkyBobwell, clown is spitting distance from jeff's shed... so...06:35
praetoriani forgot about that nickname for it06:36
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praetorianhrm, asked my boss, goes "oh i have a list of recommdations for you for melbourne"11:54
praetorian..forgot he lived here.11:54
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