Saturday, 2016-04-09

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praetorianmelbourne.. mm14:31
praetorianthat topic is a tad old14:31
* MarkusH gently pokes chrisjrn and mithro to update the channel topic 😄15:42
mithroMarkusH: I think chrisjrn has ops here16:03
MarkusHmithro: according to ChanServ you're a founder ;)16:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o mithro16:05
mithroActually that is still current :P16:06
*** mithro changes topic to "PyCon Australia 2016, Melbourne, August 12-16 | CFP open, submit your talks! | Previous talk recordings at"16:07
mithroThat better?16:07
MarkusHCheers mate!16:07
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