Thursday, 2015-07-30

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techdragonIs there going to be any "pre-conference" socialising like there was last year?04:44
chrisjrnI reckon so,05:13
chrisjrnkeep an eye out on the twitters05:13
chrisjrnI think the interaction consortium is running a drinks thing05:13
praetorianwish iwas there!05:25
tserongsurely two or more people having drinks together anywhere constitutes an interaction consortium? ;)05:33
tserongunless they're, like, totally ignoring each other or something, i guess05:33
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MarkusHfreakboy3742 said something about "Stock Exchange" earlier08:09
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FunkyBobdoes anyone have a laser pointer i can borrow for my presntation? :)08:10
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faultehso is there like a caldav feed for the schedule? (can't see it on the site)08:55
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sn6uv2Anyone meeting up for a drink?11:24
sn6uv2We're near the stock exchange pub but it's pretty busy with a pub crawl11:25
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GlennyWhere is the free parking?11:52
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micolousnow with 2015 schedule:
tpbTitle: Unofficial PyCon AU Mobile Programme (at
micolousFor bonus: same bugs as last year :P12:24
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sn6uvtechdragon, did you manage to get into the stock exchange?12:53
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